Taxi service TuamV

Easy to book

TuamV TAXI booking is easy to use, just type your data in the form and you will immediately get confirmation about your transport request

Quick response

The automation in our TAXI Service system after you reserve allows you to get a quick report of your order and scheduled reminders (optional).

Safe taxi

Your identity is safe with TuamV Slovenia taxi service. All your data about your TAXI order and payments are secured with ssl certificate and 256 bit encryption.

Travel agency Tuam Vinetou

Tourism Tuam Vinetou provides you with exceptional experiences a adventures and services that are difficult to find elsewhere in Slovenia.

Tuam Vinetou Tourism Slovenia adventures and a day trips

High-quality way of work

Such adventures almost can not find anywhere else in Slovenia. Team buildings and special tours await you with our tested and high-quality way of work.

Terain wechlies

Tuam Vinetou is the only one which currently use for tourism a terain wechlies in Slovenia. Most of their adventures take place in the beautiful nature of slovenia.

Tourism Slovenia

By clicking on the button Tourism Slovenia you will get all details and descriptions of our adventures a team building programs and the day trips. Welcome.