Taxi Service for Slovenia and its neighboring countries

Easy to book

To book a Slovenia is really easy. Click the button above enter your information and in an instant you'll get your booking. You can also send us a message: or use the phone: +386 40805761.

Quick response

Quick response to inquiry and the order is the top priority of our agency. Automation in our system allows to get a quick report on your booking. Customer support is available 24 hours a day.

Safe taxi and personal data

Our professional drivers provide you with a comfortable and safe transport. We respect the European directive on the protection of personal data. All your data is 100% secured by SSL certificate and 256-bit encryption.


Tourism TuamV

Exclusive Adventures Day trips and Tours

offers you in Slovenia an exceptional adventures experiences and day trips that are difficult to find elsewhere in Slovenia. See our offer and contact us. Welcome in our company.

Team buildings and terrain vehicles

TuamV agency is the only one in Slovenia which is currently used ATVs for most of their adventures. We offer team building a survival in the wild a orientation and the wild animals. We invited you with us on this unique adventure.

Safety, quality, warranty

With us you are safe. We have a Guides with years of experience a Insurance for the clients, Warranty on the service and a possibility for you to give the review of the event. All this features ensures a high quality of our services.