The company consists of a coordinated team. We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Some call it the Paradise Valley, Vipava Valley (Slovenia). We have decided to bring all the beauties, experiences and goodies closer to you. Would you like to make sure? Contact us and we will be happy to dedicate ourselves to you. However, if you do not have this option, there is no problem. We have a solution for you. Take a online walk around our online store, there you will probably find something for yourself that was created here in our region.


OUR STORY-meet the co-founder

AGENCY TuamV - Marko, Jana and Darko

2007 Vinetou

There has always been a desire to create something we can be proud of. The first company was founded by the current director Marko back in 2007, from which the TuamV brand developed. We have worked mainly in the field of tourism, survival in nature and trained work teams of larger companies. Based on valuable many years of experience and new findings, we have expanded our activity to the field of taxi and luxury transport, trade and other tourism. The need for change arose, so we redesigned the company with key employees, set new goals and successfully launched the new TuamV brand in 2012.

2012 TuamV 

TUAM (Latin FOR YOU, dear guests), V (Vinetou, memory of the previous company, knowledge from the experience gained from which we build)

Tuam d.o.o. is a completely different company with a proven team and a pleasant atmosphere that takes care of the TuamV brand. Together with co-owner Jana who is responsible for our finances and co-owner Darko who takes care of the IT field, we lunch this success story after the 2012 reorganization.

The goal - a company that know how to listen you

We wanted to create a brand that is synonymous with:

• quality

• honesty

• hard work

Marko CEO, his vision:

"At that time, I asked myself two questions:

Would my friends use my services and buy my products?

My two sons would be proud and tell their friends “my father is the founder of TuamV company”

Both were achieved!

 I have set new goals which I am looking forward to in the future… .I will present them to you someday ?"


If you are interested in more of us you can also find it here:


About agency TuamV

We provide unique services and products. We know they are great for you so we offer them to you.


Through our network we arrange quality transport from airports near the destination. Slovenia is located almost in the center of Europe. We have been providing you with the highest quality service since 2007. Our drivers are daily at nearby airports such as Venice, Trieste, Ljubljana, Vienna, Zagreb ... In addition to transport with various means of transport, our team also offers private transport when you have available vehicle and driver who takes you and takes you to various destinations near us. We are trained experts for destinations such as the world-famous Venice, the alpine pearl Lake Bled, the emerald valley of the Soča or the wine-growing Vipava Valley with the Goriška Brda.


We have gathered only the best providers who are preparing experiences for you that you can experience in paradise Slovenia. Products include a bear tour in the wild or a culinary tasting experience. Through the simple reservations offered by our website, you can find great authentic experiences for you. For companies that choose a destination Slovenia, we perform "team building" at the highest level. An event you won’t find anywhere in the world.


When you want a really great product produced with soul and passion, created by the best producers in the destination, this is no longer an obstacle that you can easily afford. You can now order a network of our products very easily from your armchair. We only work with local providers who can provide the highest value certificates.

The online store offers products of manufacturers who have so far been hidden gems. Great stories are born here… and delicious products for your unforgettable tastings. We only sell products from areas we know. We have learned to perform quality services and we are happy to present them to you.


TIPS ON HOW WE HAVE SUCCESSFULLY AND ACHIEVED GROWTH or in other words why our products and services are EXTREMELY QUALITY

Success and creating a brand is not easy. I share with you my best tips:

STARTwithout action you have no opportunity… reading, learning, research, business plan… present the product as soon as possible and present it to the market

THERE IS NO SHORTCUTStry all the things in the company, test it and do it long enough to find some kind of standard that takes you forward. Every little work is worthy of honor.

CREATE A TRADEMARKwith which people like to connect, trust and know. What can they expect from her.

DONT BE AFRAID TO FAIL for all the successful fail. We learned a lot in the first company. Go around, over, under or straight through obstacles - there will be a new problem every day. It is necessary to solve problems and cross new obstacles every day. Learn to be creative and not accept NO as an answer

WE NEVER REST ON LAURELwe remain always for new challenges of novelty.




Taxi License of international and domestic carriage of passengers
Taxi license of international and domestic carriage of passengers
License for the international bus carriage
Taxi license for the international bus carriage
License for the organization of travel arrangements
License for the organization of travel arrangements
License for the sale of tourist packages
License for the sale of tourist packages
License for taksi transfer
License for taksi transfer