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Our team is engaged in various activities in the tourism section. By knowing the local characteristics of the sights and culture, we bring all this closer to you. We provide a complete service of logistics, accommodation, boutique products and online shop.

Taxi, van, minibus and bus service

Through our network we arrange quality transport service from airports near our destination. Slovenia is located, really in the middle of Europe. We have been providing the highest quality service since 2007. Our drivers are daily at nearby airports such as Venice, Trieste, Ljubljana, Vienna, Zagreb ... In addition to transport with various means of transport, our team also offers private transport when you have available vehicle and driver who care for you and takes you to various destinations in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Austria... We are trained experts for destinations such as the world-famous Venice, the alpine pearl Lake Bled, the emerald valley of the Soča , wine-growing Vipava Valley, Goriška Brda and much more.

Boutique experiences

We have gathered only the best providers who are preparing the best experiences for you that you can feel and taste the beautiful of Slovenia. Products include for example a bear watching tour in the Slovenian wild forrest or a culinary wine tasting experience. Through the very simple online reservations offered by our website, you can find great authentic experiences for you. For companies that choose a destination Slovenia, we perform "team building" at the highest level. An event you won’t find anywhere in the world.

Web shop

When you want a really great product produced with soul and passion, created by the best producers in the destination, this is no longer an obstacle that you can easily afford. You can now order a network of our products very easily from your armchair. We only work with local providers who can provide the highest value certificates. .

Our goal

Bring everyone closer to this piece of the world with the main guideline where the quality of the service or product comes first. The customer of services or products is a satisfied person who will be happy to return to TuamV company..

Our Mission

Service and products are at the highest level. Caring for the team, the network of suppliers and subcontractors is our guideline, which should remain number one.


Taxi License of international and domestic carriage of passengers
Taxi license of international and domestic carriage of passengers
License for the international bus carriage
Taxi license for the international bus carriage
License for the organization of travel arrangements
License for the organization of travel arrangements
License for the sale of tourist packages
License for the sale of tourist packages
License for taksi transfer
License for taksi transfer