Bear watching
Day Tour
July - August
Area of Loška Dolina
Bear Tour

Why to choose this program?

Limited Edition: Only in July and August
Best price for individuals!
The best opportunity to observe Brown Bears in Europe
High Density of Bears
Escorted by local Slovenian naturalist guide



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Bear Tour
Bear Tour
Bear Tour
Bear photo Tour in Lož
Bear observation 
in Loška dolina
Bear Tour in Lož Slovenia
Bear observation 

Bear Tour in Lož Forest

Kristin Klasen
Bears are magnificent creatures!

Ocena 5/5
Did you know that more than half of Slovenia is covered by forest and for this reason is also a country with world’s richest densities of brown bears? This is also a reason why I have decide to go on wild bears observation tour in Loška dolina. At the beginning of the tour we have learn a bit about bear’s behaviour and also about how should we behave in order to have a successful observation tour. It took us about 15 minutes of driving and maybe 20 minutes of walking to reach an observation point from where we have seen a lot of animals and almost at the end of the tour also a king of this forest the brown bear. It really is a magnificent creature and definitely worth seeing. Very well organised tour with experienced guides which are also taking care of the safety of the group. A superb experience which I definitely recommend!


Cost per person:
Price Includes:
VAT | Full day tour | Professional guide
Extra payment:
taxi transfer to location ( we offer a discount)
13:30 We will all meet up at the following address: Markovec 15a, Stari trg pri Ložu
14:00 Here you will get an introduction into the brown bear behaviour in Slovenia and instructions to help you have a safe experience and successful observation of the forest.
14:30 We will start our tour. It will take about 15 minutes of driving plus 700 meters of walking to reach the hide.
19:30/Sunset - We will end our tour and return to the starting point still amazed by our forest experience.


Bear observation hides are located in Notranjska region of Slovenia, which together with the adjacent Kočevska region holds one of the world’s richest densities of brown bears. An estimated number of 900 bears can be found here.

You can book the observation tour from 1th of July to 31th of August. Hide session usually starts at 14:00 and lasts until sunset. It takes about 15 minutes of driving plus 700 meters of walking to reach the hide. All guests will be briefed with regard to our code of conduct before starting the hide sessions. Observation takes place from the hides, specially designed for bear observation, so you can observe safely. Our experienced guide will be with you throughout your trip.

Meet up at 13:30 at the lodge in the village Markovec where we will give you an introduction about the brown bear in Slovenia and instructions to help you have a safe experience and successfully observe the secrets of the forest. We offer and ideal sighting options, however, sightings cannot be guaranteed. Nature follows its own set of rules.

Why to choose this program:
The best opportunity to view Brown Bears in Europe | High Density of Bears | Escorted by a local Slovenian naturalist guide


Equipment needed: Hiking boots, warm clothing made of non rustling fabric, camera, and a smiling face.

Frequently Asked Questions:
The chance to meet a bear on this tour is?
Is there any compensation, in case if we do not see the bears?
No, this tour does not offer any compensation.
Can I take a professional photo?
The tour is intended for bear observation and has limited photography possibilities.
Is it possible to book a taxi transfer to the starting point of the tour?
Yes, if you would like to check our taxi offer follow the link by clicking on the button below and fill in the reservation form. We will provide you with additional 10% discount on the regular price.
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