Family Discount
Bear watching
Day Tour
May - October
Area of Loška Dolina
Bear Tour in Lož Valley

Why to choose this program?

Special discount for families!
Best insight into natural nad cultural heritage of Lož Valley
Learn about cohabitation of bears and men
The best opportunity to observe Brown Bears in Europe
By participating, you are contributing to the conservation of the brown bear



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Bear Tour in Lož Valley
Bear Tour in Lož Valley
Bear Tour 
Lož Valley
Bear Photo Tour Lož Valley
Bear Photo Tour 
Lož Valley
Bear photo tour in lož Slovenia
Bear observation 

Great experience for the whole family

Caroline Ross
Traditional life in the forest.

Ocena 5/5
Great experience for the whole family! We have seen that for this tour a special family discount is offered and that is why we have decided to spend a whole day in nature. The tour is extremely well organised and it offers a deep insight in a traditional life. We have learned a lot about animals and plants from the region and we have seen many old tools that were in use in the first half of 20th century. We have also tried some of delicious traditional food and drink a welcome drink which is also from the region. After having our lunch we went to the hide from where we could quietly observe the animals. The last part of the tour requests a bit of patience that is why there is an age limit of 11 years. We have seen a lot of deers, birds and of course also few brown bears. I recommend the tour to all of you that want to spend a day in a bit different manner.


Cost per person:
from 112€
Price Includes:
VAT | Full day tour | Professional guide
Extra payment:
taxi transfer to location ( we offer a discount)
13:30 - At Tourist Information Centre Lož – Brown Bear Visitor Centre: we will teach you the principles of safe movement in the forest and successful observation. We will introduce you to the essential characteristics of the brown bear, his presence in Slovenia and his impact on everyday life of the people of the Lož valley (Loška dolina).
Our experienced guide will take you to Gornje Poljane, a tiny village 1000 m above sea level, just 20 minutes from Lož. Hiking through the forest, we will find animal tracks, learn all about the plant life and tell stories about the interdependence of man and nature.
You will also get the opportunity to learn more about country life in times gone by and see a wonderful collection of local farm and forestry tools & household items from the first half of the 20th century.
For that local homemade taste and experience, a welcome drink (non-alcoholic or spirits) and traditional homemade snack awaits you.
But the highlight of your evening will surely be sitting quietly, high up in the hunting hideout in the middle of the forest watching the animals safely and waiting for the visit of the brown bear.
The End of the tour will be at approximately 20:00 hour


The Lož valley (Loška dolina) is in the Notranjska region of southern Slovenia, surrounded by the largest concentration of uninhabited forest in Central Europe. This is the ideal living space for many forest animals and just one hour from Green Slovenia’s capital city Ljubljana! Our experienced guides will take you into the depths of these forests to find and safely observe the brown bear (Ursus arctos) in his natural environment.

The tour usually commences around 1.00 pm, depending on the length of the day, but each tour is about 7 - 8 hours, of which 3 hours are spent in the treetop hunting hide. The brown bear watching season is from May to the end of October. Observation takes place from treetop hunting hides (several metres up), which enable safe watching and photos. Our experienced guide will be with you throughout the entire programme.

All our programs are 'Bear friendly' - they are based on the principle of humans cohabiting with brown bears. By participating, you are contributing to the ongoing conservation of the brown bear and his environment.

Why to choose this program:
The best opportunity to view Brown Bears in Europe | High Density of Bears | Escorted by local Slovenian naturalist guide


Equipment needed: Hiking boots, warm clothing made of non rustling fabric, camera, and a smiling face.

Frequently Asked Questions:
The chance to meet a bear on this tour is?
Is there any compensation, in case if we do not see the bears?
If you dont see bear in the first visit we give you 50% discount in next visit.
Is the tour suitable for young children?
The tour is suitable for children that are more than 10 years old. This program is also suitable for families, max 5 persons at the observatory is possible.
Can I take a professional photo?
The tour is intended for bear observation and has limited photography possibilities.
Is it possible to book a taxi transfer to the starting point of the tour?
Yes, if you would like to check our taxi offer follow the link by clicking on the button below and fill in the reservation form. We will provide you with additional 10% discount on the regular price.
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