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Bear watching
1 - 5
Half day Tour
May - October
Area of Pivka
Bear watching Jurišče

Why to choose this program?

97% chance to meet a bear at this program
The best opportunity to view Brown Bears in Europe
High Density of Bears
Escorted by local Slovenian naturalist guide



Bear watching Jurišče
Bear watching Jurišče
Bear watching 
Day tour Bear watching Jurišče
Day tour Bear 
watching Jurišče
Bear Safari Jurišče
Bear Safari 

Bear Watching Jurišče

Lorella B.
Amazed by the wild life in region!

Ocena 5/5
Me and my husband Andrea were both struck by the beauty of Postojna Cave that is why we have decided to explore Karst phenomena a bit more. We went to the Eco Museum of Disappearing Lakes in Pivka where we have learned that famous Ljubljanica River is a river of seven names and that Pivka is actually also its first name? Mesmerized by the beauty of nature we have decided to join the Bear Watching tour and like this prolong our stay in this region. We have met with our guide in the small village called Juršče from where he took us in his vehicle to the observation point. It was a lovely day in the forest; we have seen a lot of animals, such as deers, birds, squirrels and bears. The tour was guided by a hunter who made sure that we were feeling safe at all time. We could also tell all the way from the beginning that he is a real expert on local flora and fauna. The tour is absolutely worth seeing!


Price Includes:
VAT, guided tour
Extra payment:
Taxi transportation from your location to the starting point and back.
Price for a visit to Pivka in detail:

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Min. 1 person:
Max. 5 person

*The price may change before the final booking and depends on the time of reservation and availability of accommodation.

18:00 Meeting with a guide, Juršče 47 6257 Pivka
18:10 A brief introduction, instructions
18:30 Bear watching and observation
21:00 or sunset, finish the tour.


Our Bear Watching Tour that starts in the vicinity of small town called Juršče which is located in the greater area of Pivka offers a unique Bear Safari experience. You will have the opportunity to observe nature and diverse set of animals in their natural environment.

You will meet with your guide in this lovely small village which is already at altitude of 700 meters and continue your trip even higher up in the hills to the carefully selected observation point. While travelling to the hide you will learn all about the bear’s behaviour and also how to behave yourself in order to have a successful Bear Watching Tour. At the selected location you will be able to observe the nature until the sunset.

Possibility of seeing bears on this tour is quite high. More than 97% of our guests have already met the king of our forests. There is also compensation available for the 3% of unlucky ones. You will get 50% refund, if you don’t see the bear on this tour. Have in mind that temperatures in the forest that high up in the hills are a bit lower than those in the valley that is why we recommend you to wear warm clothes made of non rustling material.

Why to choose this program:
The best opportunity to view Brown Bears in Europe | Best Safari tour in Slovenia| High Density of Bears | professional guide


Equipment needed: Hiking boots, warm clothing made of non rustling fabric, and a smiling face.

Frequently Asked Questions:
The chance to meet a bear at this program is?
Compensation in case the bear is not seen is it?
In case we will not see the bear, we will refund you half the price paid.
Can I take a professional photo?
This program is not adjusted for professional photo shoots.
Do you offer the possibility of transport to the starting location?
Yes, click the button below to see the price of this transportation. On the displayed price can be obtained at the checkout discount 10% off.
Price for taxi
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