Bear watching
1 - 4
Half day Tour
May - October
Area of Postojna
Bear Watching in Postojna

Why to choose this program?

Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle in vicinity
Easy acces by public transport
The best opportunity to observe Brown Bears in Europe
High Density of Bears
Escorted by local Slovenian naturalist guide



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Bear Watching in Postojna
Bear Watching in Postojna
Bear Watching 
Bear Safari in Postojna
Bear Safari 
Postojna Bear Half Day Tour
Postojna Bear 
Half Day Tour

Bear Watching in Postojna

Clara De Luca
Perfect ending of Postojna's sightseeing

Ocena 5/5
Firstly, we have seen the breath taking Postojna Cave and then we have explored the medieval castle of Predjama. After the sight seeing it was time to find out what kind of wild life is hiding in the forests close by. We have met our naturalist guide at Postojna Bus Station from where he took us to the observation point. After 15 minutes of driving we still had to walk approximately 10 minutes before reaching the hides. We have climbed the ladder and start with our observation of the surrounding. To have a successful observation you need to be quite and patient. Fortunately our kids were so eager to see the bears that they had no problems spending 2 hours in complete silence. Well except from few quite wows after the brown bear came by. We have returned to the starting point full of excitment and new experiences. The tour is definitely worth of recommendation!


Price Includes:
Options: Transport from the starting point to the observatories. | Professional guide
Extra payment:
Taxi transfer to location ( we offer a discount) * Hunting yarn accommodates 4 people if it is a group with childrens we can accommodate up to 5 people.
Price for Bear Watching in Postojna:

You can get prices at the following link: Gift Voucher, Bear watching


Min. 1 person:
Max. 4 person

*The price may change before the final booking and depends on the time of reservation and availability of accommodation.

18:00 - Our guides will pick you up at the bus station in Postojna.
Before setting off we will give you instructions to help you have a safe experience and a successful observation in the forest.
You will be taken to the hide from where you will be able to observe wild life of Javorniki forest.
21:00 - The guide will take you back to the starting point of the tour. Where you will full of happiness realised that our wild life observation tour has made you appreciate the nature even more.


Join us on the Safari forest adventure after sightseeing of Postojna Cave or Predjama Castle. The Tour will be a perfect Ending of day in the area of Postojna.

The watching of brown bear and other wildlife will take place from a hunting observatory, which can hold five people at the most. A guide will pick you up at the bus station of Postojna and take you on a jeep ride through the forest, so you can enjoy the scenery. You will then leave the vehicle not too far away from your destination and continue on foot. The watching at the observation point will last from 2 – 3 hours and has to be conducted in total quiet. After that, you will be taken back to the starting point in a jeep.

Why to choose this program:
The best opportunity to view Brown Bears in Europe | High Density of Bears | Escorted by local Slovenian naturalist guide


Equipment needed: Hiking boots, warm clothing made of non rustling fabric, and a smiling face.

Frequently Asked Questions:
The chance to meet a bear on this tour is?
Is the tour suitable for young children?
The tour is suitable for children as well.
Is there any compensation, in case if we do not see the bears?
No there is no refund.
Can I take a professional photo?
The tour is intended for bear observation and has limited photography possibilities.
Is it possible to book a taxi transfer to the starting point of the tour?
Yes, if you would like to check our taxi offer follow the link by clicking on the button below and fill in the reservation form. We will provide you with additional 10% discount on the regular price.
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