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* In the event that you Voucher date expires before the execution of the event you must send by post a snippet of a gift certificate that can be cashed before the expiry date. You may then subsequently attend the event despite the fact that the execution of the date written on the voucher! For all the uncertainties you can Contact us or call on 040 805761!

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04th December 2022 (Sunday)

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  • 21th August 2022 (Sunday) EXPIRED
  • 17. August 2022 EXPIRED
  • Covid, pause
  • 1. August 2021 EXPIRED
  • 11. Julij 2021  EXPIRED
  • 20 Junij 2021  EXPIRED
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Jeep safari advanture tour info.

Jeep Safari a adventurous trip

Thanks to our modern Western lifestyle a real adventure is a rare occurrence. We surround ourselves with pleasure and comfort making crossing the road hole on the way to the store being the most exciting part of the day. What is left then? We will set on a very special day trip to get a experience with off-road vehicles. The feelings in this specifics adventure will enchant you.
The Karst area where we operate is still covered in a veil of many secrets. This is the home of impenetrable forests a free birds and the proud animals. Is a place to experience the breathtaking underground world the landscape of typical karst phenomena. It is also a place of exciting historical monuments and genuine people. We call it the Green Karst. If you want to experience this landscape join us on this trip a adventure with off-road vehicles.

On this adventure we will see:

Adventure and Terrain off-road vehicles

Vehicles like Patrol a Pajero a Jeep and Toyota will show you what are capable on our special polygon. Expect a mud and a team building cooperation to overcome all boundaries and to successfully resolve your mission.

WWII Italian fort Vallo Alpino.

We will take you, up to the protected natural area to visit a hidden Karst cave Unška Koliševka. In this a 110 m deep pit we will went into the underground interior to the mysterious remains of the Italian fort of their Alpine wall.

Rakov Škocjan

A beautiful natural bridges in Rakov Škocijan and unbelievable nature waiting on you in this hidden pearl of Slovenia.


  • DURATION: Approximately 4-6h
  • HOUR: 11:00 to 16:00
  • START: Town: Prestranek, Post: 6258, Country: Slovenia
  • EQUIPMENT: Mandatory casual clothing, suitable footwear, camera and a good mood

Adventure trip with off-road vehicles and the Jeep Safari is carried out under pre-tendered termins but it can also be arranged on a custom date if the group is larger than 4 people . Jeep safari adventure is carried out in all seasons a specialty tour is that is it in every season different and particularly interesting.

Price and how to buy and book

Price for a Safari in Slovenia

The price includes:

  • Driving off-road vehicles (on the polygon you can also test the vehicle).
  • Professional TB management (highly qualified instructors from teamwork with rich practical experience)
  • View of Italian fortification Vallo Alpino.
  • View of Rakov škocijan
  • Survival tips
  • Other costs and equipment.
  • Insurance

You can pay the price with:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal.
  • Bank transfer

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