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Originating in Primorska region, Orange wine is one of the top slovenian wines. Even though they represent a small niche market they are still an important part of Slovenian wine market also very well known in overall country.

Orange wines are not new, actually they became popular decades ago somewhat 6000 years ago in Georgia, but in Slovenia this type of wine has become a thing in the last 20 years. This wine is not made from oranges, this is a very common misconception, the process of this type of wines is astonishingly special.

In Slovenia, orange wine winemakers use this old process of producing white wines through the process for red wines, which has later spread across the world and gained much popularity among wine experts and wine enthusiasts alike.The main feature of this particular wine in Slovenia is maceration or prolonged contact with grape skins, which winemakers decide differently for each wine, it can be somewhere between a few days to up to half a year. Orange wines as mentioned below are mostly grown in Primorska wine region, and its the "fourth" color of wine.

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Famous wine Orange rebula Povh

Among the beautiful wineyards, in the hills southwest of Vipava lies the oldest wine village in Slovenia. The stone village of Goče,is an architectural gem and also a monument of cultural heritage. This scenic village it is said to be around since middle ages, and because of a good geographical position and also perfect weather conditions this village is full of treasures, superb wine grapes which make premium quality wines. Just in the heart of this stone village there is a very known winery which produces a rare and excellent taste orange rebula wine in their 400 years old wine cellar. This is like a perfect touch of old architecture experienced in modern times.

Thanks to Miha Povh a young winemaker which has a lot of passion about his wines and especially oriented more to the fresh ones, was very friendly and honest about his wines, my experience in the tour on their winery closer and heard the story of this unique wine on my own, also got to taste it among with local snacks. Orange rebula wine is one of the most demanded wines which is on increase every year and more getting more recognition and appreciation by people.

This type of wine is made by taking the white grapes, mashing them up and putting them in a large vessel. Typically leaving the fermenting grapes alone with the skins and seeds still attached for days or months also it can go up to a year. The thing that makes this wine different from the white wines is that this is a natural process that uses little to no additives sometimes not even yeast at all. It is because of this the wine tastes differently from white one and has a sour taste and nuttiness from oxidation. This rebula orange wine has a very intense aroma of figs with a taste of stone fruits like tea flavors, strong oolong and an impression of being sweet without actually being sweet. Since it matures in acacia barrels it develops a very nice aroma of dried fruits and spices, with a peachy finish.


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The taste of the wine is something special, because unlike ordinary (unmacerated) rebula, orange wine uses the process of longer (14 days) temperature-controlled maceration. Complex wine with a characteristic very intense aroma of figs, and as it matures in acacia barrels it develops a very nice aroma of dried fruit and spices.

Since we talking about food, this bold wine pairs well with bold foods like curry dishes, hard cheese, white polenta also goes beautifully with grilled octopuc, lamb chops and of course red meat. 

That was recognised also buy Netflix show an made this wine most famous wine in our collection

Alcohol: 13%

BODY: Medium-bodied | STYLE: Calm | TASTE: Bitter but fresh


The saying goes by: ''Make sure you're sitting down when you taste the orange wine because of intensity''

We did just that, and made the whole tasting experience a lot better by serving us food along with wines which made the tasting even better.