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How to use the Coupon Code

In short:
Order some of our product, and when is necessary enter Coupon Code: TUAMVNEWS

Long explanation

Picture where you enter Coupon Code

Enter here Coupon Code
Enter here Coupon Code
  • Follow the link or click the button for a taxi order, to the page where you can book your taxi ride.
  • Please insert all the necessary data into our booking form and press the »SEE PRICE« at the bottom of the booking form.
  • Our booking form will lead you step by step to the next form where you can enter the Coupon Code.
  • Please find the gap of Promotion Code and enter the code in it (as you can see on the image)
  • The Coupon Code for this Best price holidays discount is "TUAMVNEWS"
  • Just after you will enter the code please check the price that is located just above the code. If the code is correctly entered than the price should reduce it self automatically.
  • To complete your reservation you have to check a box, where you agree with our general terms and conditions. The reservation is completed just after you confirm your reservation.

Discounts terms and conditions

  • The discount is valid only once for one email.
  • You can apply this discount for all our product
  • Ordering more than 50EUR
  • You have to be signed up to our newsletter, when using the code
  • Discount is conditioned by our General Terms and Conditions
  • Discounts do not add up

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