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  • The date of payment shall be the day on which the traveler makes a payment to the TuamV transaction account.
    When checking in, the traveler pays a registration fee of 30% of the price of the package, or as much as indicated in the travel program and the booking costs. The remaining part is paid by the passenger at least 8 days before the start of the journey, or as stated in the program or contract.
    In the event that the remaining part of the contractual obligation is not paid within the time limit it shall be our service canceled. And the provisions on the cancellation of the travel contract from these general terms and instructions for tourist arrangements shall be applyed.
    The timely and properly paid registration fee and the registration costs guarantee the traveler, - under the conditions specified in these general conditions and instructions for tourist arrangements or under conditions determined by special conditions of business or program participation, - free place in a particular tourist arrangement or travel.
    At departure, the traveler is obliged to present to the travel manager a document on the paid arrangement (referral / voucher or / and a payment certificate). Otherwise, the travel manager does not accept the traveler or travel arrangement.
    The passenger can pay in cash or with another means of payment. In any case, TuamV does not pay return in cash. Passenger can claim a credit if he is entitled to it.