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Chauffeur Service


Welcome to TuamV, the prestigious chauffeur service which is based in Slovenia
We offer high quality Chauffeur Service for hourly and daily hire. Our chauffeurs will make sure that you will travel in your own tempo – safely and comfortably and always in a Luxury Limousine of high rang.

Further in blog you can read about the following chauffeur services we can offer to you:

  • Professional Private Chauffeur service
  • Airport Chauffeur service
  • Service for Corporate clients
  • Limousine Cars and Chauffeurs Taxi to hire

Private Chauffeur

Private Chauffeur service
We provide a safe and comfortable environment for Corporate Transfers to your executive team to work en-route and arrive in style for a great and lasting first impression on your clients.
The transfers will be provided with superb care and attention no matter, if you are traveling to the airport or to the important meeting.
With vehicles of the highest class we can fully meet your requirements and wishes.

Professional Limousine Drivers
Our drivers have excellent driving skills and they will take care of your vehicle like it is one of their own, they are always tidy in formal dress code and prepared to meet your expectation.
They are all English speaking drivers – most of them speak more than one foreign language. For the limousine chauffeur is not only important to be an excellent driver but also to be well acquainted with the local roads and local sights.
Our chauffeurs will open your door, will take the route of your choice and they will always know where is that special place with the best coffee in town. The most important thing about our chauffeur besides being excellent drivers is the fact that they are trustworthy and discrete.

How much cost to hire a driver?
Is not much more expensive than a regular basic taxi service. Price goes up, if you need additional options. Fill in Inquiry and let us know what your specific wishes are. We will reply to you with a quote as soon as possible. All our services are of great value but at the same time at an affordable price.

What are chauffeur’s duties?
Our private driver’s duties are firstly that they take care of the tidiness! Our Mercedes – Benz limousines of E- and S-class should always be clean and fresh. The driver himself is also obliged to be dressed accordingly. But the most important duty is that he listens to the client and tries to complete his or hers expectations in as discrete way as possible. To do all that all our drivers need to go thrugh a special training, where they learn all about the local roads, sight, restaurants, cafes and other information that might be interesting for the client.

Corporate clients

Executive and Corporate Drivers
We have many years of experience of performing Service for Corporate clients. We are driving CEOs of multinational companies, arranging airport transfers for senior executives or transporting VIP clients to a reception. Our dedicated chauffeurs understand the needs of executives and clients and consider all the conscientious planning for a demanding clientele. If you would like to hire a personal driver send us inquiry.
Like we have already mentioned we are a travel agency and that is why some of our drivers on your demand can work as tourist guides as well. Our drivers are not just excellent in handling diverse vehicles but they can also provide you with many useful information regarding local roads and local sights.We will try to make sure to provide you with the limo chauffeur that you deserve!

Airport Transfer

Airport Chauffeur service
We provide luxury chauffeur driven airport transfers for both departing and arriving guest. Our limousine chauffeurs will not only take you safely from point A to point B but they will also provide you a service in elegance and style.

Limousine Cars and Chauffeurs Taxi to hire

What type of Limousine do we have?
In addition to the limousines and luxury cars, we also offer VIP luxurious 20 seats and 8 seats minibuses Types of our minibuses is explained further in another blog post.
To see all our vehicles please visit our vehicle fleet

Limousines and Luxury Cars:

Mercedes-Benz E-Class
Private Driver service Bussines Limousine
Private Driver service Bussines Limousine
More pictures of Mercedes-Benz E-Class
Class: Business | Type: Mercedes-Benz E-Class | Vehicle: Limousine | No. seats: 4 + 1

Mercedes-Benz E-Class is for sure a must be Chauffeurs Taxi for the commercial business transfer.
Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Chauffeur service Luxury Limousine
Chauffeur service Luxury Limousine
More pictures of Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Class: Luxury | Type: Mercedes-Benz S-Class | Vehicle: Limousine | No. seats: 4 + 1

Limousine Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a vehicle that leaves no one unimpressed. The message of S-Class car is clear: Whoever comes with it is not an average person.

Chauffeur Service
Andrea May
Verified statement

Good Chauffeur Driver

Ratings: 5/5
My husband and I often travel to Slovenia to shooping and to see its beautiful nature. We usually hire TuamV Limusine. The Chauffeur is always punctual and well spoken. I like them.

TuamV agency
Richard Bas
Verified statement

Professional attitude

Ratings: 5/5
For my business trip to Ljubljana I always choose TuamV agency. They have professional attitude and new Mercedes cars.They provide a good service

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