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Taxi from Trieste Airport to Ljubljana

Taxi transport from the airport in Trieste ( Aeroporto di Trieste-Ronchi dei Legionari Aeroporto del Friuli-Venezia Giulia ) Italy to the center of the City of Ljubljana in Slovenia will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes of driving time. By ordering a taxi from Trieste Airport with the TuamV Agency to Ljubljana, you get an affordable taxi service that is distinguished by new vehicles and quality of execution.

Our offer covers not only taxi transport from the airport in Trieste to the city of Ljubljana, but also to all other tourist locations in Slovenia at an affordable price.

Taxi for Trieste AirportTaxi transfer from Ronchi Airport in Trieste

I recommend the agency TuamV - Marko Kosec (Client)

Verified statement: Rating 5/5
Date: 03 February 2018

The public transport connections from Trieste to Ljubljana are not the best, so I often use a taxi. This time I ordered a taxi from the TuamV company from Trieste Airport to Ljubljana. They took me from Trieste to Ljubljana, everything went as it should, they arrived exactly on time and with a new Marcedes Benz van, even though I only ordered a basic vehicle. I must mention that the price of the transport itself was also very favorable. I recommend their taxi.


Our taxi service TuamV extremely competitively priced private luxury VIP transportation, as well as minivans for transporting up to eight people. To review the current price from Trieste airport in real time, please use the application:

For a more prestigious VIP transport, you can submit an inquiry here:

Tip, the fastest connection from Trieste to Ljubljana is by taxi
There is a ring road from Trieste to Ljubljana. It is possible to shorten the route along this road, cross the border at the Fernetti border crossing, continue through the small village of Opicine and drive all the way to Ljubljana. Our drivers know this road, they know about the detours, and that's why they carry out all transport more quickly and efficiently.


Trieste Airport or Aeroporto di Trieste–Friuli Venezia Giulia is a small airport in the town of Ronchi near Trieste in Italy on the border with Slovenia. The traffic at Trieste airport is relatively light, so meeting our driver will be very easy. As there are usually not many visitors at Trieste Airport, it will take you about half an hour to cross the border. After that, you will be directed to the only exit from the airport where arrivals are, where our driver will be waiting for you with your name written on the board.

You will always receive the driver's mobile number when booking, but you can also call the number of our customer support call center: +386 40 805 761. When you find your driver, he will escort you to the airport building where your taxi is already waiting for you.

What vehicles do we have available for taxi transport?

For an overview of the vehicle models that you can order from us, please visit our fleet

We use the following cars for taxi transport:

  • Standard car (one to three people): We use new comfortable cars. It is also the cheapest choice.
  • Limousine (one to three people): For more demanding customers.
  • Vans (one to eight people): For smaller groups. All our minibuses are new with double air conditioning.
  • Bus (one to forty-nine persons): For larger groups.

What are the most common destinations by taxi from Ronchi dei Legionari in Trieste?

We offer Taxi transfers at a good price from the Trieste airport to the airports, Venice, Treviso to Ljubljana Airport and from various stations in these cities. If they are currently available, you can also use our active discounts, which guarantee you an even better price for a taxi. Trust us and you will get new cars with excellent, English-speaking taxi drivers and a quality experience.

Taxi from Trieste, Italy to the city center of Ljubljana, Slovenia

This is one of our most frequent trips from Trieste to Ljubljana.

Taxi to Trieste Centrale Railway Station

Taxi Trieste Airport to Trieste Centrale Railway Station

In the picture: Information at the Trieste Centrale Railway Station.

Taxi for Centrale Trieste Railway Station In the picture: Centrale Trieste railway station interior arrivals area

Taxi from in front of the Centrale train station in TriesteIn the picture: Trieste railway station view from a taxi

Many transports in the Trieste area are carried out by the TuamV taxi service for travelers arriving at Centrale Railway Station or Ronchi Airport in Trieste. From Trieste, we also offer transport deeper into Italy. There are also frequent services to the City of Venice, to Venice Marco Polo Airport, to the City of Treviso and to Treviso Airport.

Hotels accessible by taxi in Trieste

Taxi Savola Excelsior Palace Trieste

In the picture: Taxi in front of the Savola Excelsior Palace hotel.

Taxi Novo Hotel Impero Trieste

In the picture: View from Taxi to the Novo Hotel Impero.

Taxi Trieste

In the picture: View from a taxi on the coastal Trieste road to the city of Trieste.

Taxi Trieste Centrale

Pictured: Centrale Trieste railway station

Taxi from Trieste Airport to Hotels in Trieste:

  • Taxi to Savola Excelsior palace
    Many transports are made in Trieste by taxi to various hotels in Trieste, among which the Savola Excelsior hotel stands out the most palace for which we provide many transports.

Other destinations by Taxi from Trieste Airport

  • Taxi from Trieste Airport to Venice
    Destination by TuamV taxi from Venice Airport to Trieste is 127 kilometers. You will need about 1 hour 20 minutes for this distance according to google map. Read more in the blog about Taxi from Venice Airport to Trieste.
  • Taxi from Trieste Airport to Rovinj Croatia
    We offer affordable Taxi transportation from Trieste Airport to Rovinj in Croatia is 146 kilometers. It will take you approximately 1 hour 57 minutes to cover this distance.
  • Taxi from Trieste Airport to Poreč in Croatia
    Taxi transportation with the TuamV agency from Trieste Airport to Poreč takes 1 hour and 43 minutes. The goal is 122 kilometers.
  • Taxi from Trieste Airport to Pula
    Destination by taxi from Trieste Airport to Pula is 163 kilometers. You will need about 2 h 3 minutes for this distance.
Features of Trieste Airport

Address of Trieste airport


  • Via Aquileia 46
  • 34077 Ronchi dei Legionari
  • Gorizia
  • Italy



  • +39-0481-773224 ( FLIGHT INFORMATION )
  • Taxi service - +386 40 805 761
  • Open: 24 hours / day

Taxi Airport TriesteTrieste Airport via Wikimedia, By Mattiussi CC BY-SA 4.0

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