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Taxi airport Ljubljana

Taxi transport from Ljubljana Airport to the center of Ljubljana will take 30 minutes. There are many companies at the airport that offer Shuttle group transfers. With this, you can share a taxi transport at the price at the time of writing this blog for only 9 euros per person.

Our offer does not only cover taxi transportation from Ljubljana Airport to the center of Ljubljana, like most other providers, we also offer reliable taxi transport from Ljubljana Airport to all other tourist locations in Slovenia at a reasonable price.

Minibus rental

Taxi transfer from Ljubljana airport

extremely well done - Grim Strong (Customer)

Verified statement: Rating 5/5
Date: 04 March 2022

The last time I was at the Ljubljana airport, the flight was two and a half hours late. I was very worried about being late for the meeting. Even if I know that the taxi driver is obliged to wait one hour per customer upon arrival at the airport, my arrival was even later. When I finally arrived at the airport I was quite surprised to see that the TuamV taxi driver was still there waiting for me. I asked my driver if it was possible to speed things up a bit by driving the car and thanks to his expertise (and probably empty roads) I managed to get to the meeting on time. All praise.

Taxi Airport LjubljanaTaxi prevoz iz letališča Ljubljana

Agencija TuamV ima res dobro taxi storitev - Darko Koren (Stranka)

Verified statement: Rating 5/5
Date: 11 Oktober 2022

As usual, I ordered a standard taxi from Jože Pučnik Airport Ljubljana, but this time they really surprised me. The driver was waiting for me upon arrival at the airport. He arrived exactly as usual, but his luxury car was something I didn't expect. I usually order a comfort style taxi and the car is usually a very comfortable minivan - the comfort style is also the cheapest in their range. I was a bit shocked when I saw the driver and the Mercedes S class waiting for me. After the first reaction, I became a little proud and also a little worried. Although my ride was only short from the Ljubljana airport to Lake Bled, I began to worry about the price of this type of taxi transport. The driver reassured me and said that everything is already included in the standard price. I felt like I was a very important person as this type of service includes a small snack and drink in the car. In any case, this convinced me that I will stay with this company in the future.


Our taxi service in Tuam offers extremely competitive prices for private luxury VIP transport, as well as minivans for transporting up to eight people. To view the current price in real time, please use the application:

For a more prestigious VIP transport, you can submit an inquiry here:

There are many taxis to choose from at Ljubljana Airport. The advantage of pre-booking a taxi with us is a fixed, competitive price set in advance. With the possibility of advance payment of the reservation, you will not have any unpleasant surprises regarding the price of the transport. A taxi ride from Ljubljana Airport to the center of Ljubljana usually costs around €60 at the time of writing this blog, but some taxi drivers located in front of the airport building will charge you up to three times or more for the same ride. We recommend that you book your taxi service at least 24 hours before your arrival, so that you have a guaranteed and confirmed taxi service.


Due to the small size of the airport, you will have no problem finding your taxi driver. After collecting your luggage and going through border control, you will enter through the arrivals gate. There you will see a taxi driver right in front of you.

When our guest lands at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, we usually meet him at the arrivals hall in the airport building bearing his name. We will provide you with a Slovenian and English-speaking taxi driver who will ensure friendly communication and a safe taxi ride. It is not a problem for our taxi drivers to wait if the customer wants to have a snack or a drink at the Avionček airport bar.

You will always receive the driver's mobile number when booking, but you can also call our customer support call center number: +386 40 805 761

Mesto čakajočega Voznika Taxija , prihodi letališče Ljubljana

Arrivals Ljubljana Airport - place of waiting taxi driver

A taxi driver with your name will meet you here in the Ljubljana Airport building. So that there will be no problems to meet him.

Bar Avionček - Ljubljana Airport

Arrivals Ljubljana Airport - Bar Avionček

Bar Avionček in the Ljubljana Airport building, where you can enjoy a quick refreshment with food or drink.

What vehicles do we have available for taxi transport?

For an overview of the vehicle models that you can order from us, please visit our fleet

We use the following cars for taxi transport:

  • Standard car (one to three people): We use new comfortable cars. It is also the cheapest choice.
  • Limousine (one to three people): For more demanding customers.
  • Vans (one to eight people): For smaller groups. All our minibuses are new with double air conditioning.
  • Bus (one to forty-nine persons): For larger groups.

What are the most common destinations by taxi from Ljubljana Airport?

Taxi from Ljubljana Airport to Ljubljana city center

Taxi transport from Jože Pučnik Airport in Ljubljana to the center of Ljubljana takes about 30 minutes. There are many companies offering shuttle services at the airport. This way, you can share extremely cheap transport from the airport to the center of Ljubljana. With us, you can hire a private taxi from the Airport to the city of Ljubljana

Taxi around the city of Ljubljana

Taxi Ljubljana center closed with barriers

Physical restrictions that prevent taxis from entering the strict city center Author: Ana Kapeljj

No driving area in Ljubljana city center

Vehicles prohibited in the center of Ljubljana Author: Ana Kapelj

Taxi Ljubljana lifting metal barriers

Physical metal restrictions for taxis around the center of Ljubljana can be removed with an access permit. Author: Ana Kapelj

The TuamV agency has a branch office and taxis located in Ljubljana. This means that we can pick you up anywhere by taxi in Ljubljana in a fairly reasonable time at a competitive price. Order a reliable, safe and professional Taxi. With us, you can expect clean new cars, English-speaking drivers and a professional attitude.

Ljubljana taxis are generally clean and reliable. The starting price is usually between €1.5 - €2.50 per kilometer at the time of writing this blog. It depends on the time of day and the number of passengers. Waiting usually costs €15 - €20 per hour. If you order a taxi by phone, you will have much lower prices from Ljubljana Taxi, especially for long-distance journeys. But different taxi companies in Ljubljana have different rates for their services.

Our advice: avoid taxis that do not have visual signs on the car that they actually provide taxi transport, but a taxi light on the roof of the car. These taxi drivers work individually, are usually based in front of hotels and will try to earn as much as possible

Taxi and city center

The city center is closed to taxis. Physical barriers made of concrete and metal blocks prohibit driving a taxi into the inner city center of Ljubljana. However, you can still get to most of Ljubljana's hotels by taxi.

Hotels accessible by taxi in Ljubljana

taxi to hotel Best Western Premier Slon

TuamV taxi in front of the Best Western Premier Slon hotel. Author: Ana Kapelj

taxi to  Grand Hotel Union Business

Pogled s taksija TuamV na Grand Hotel Union Business. Avtor: Ana Kapelj

Taxi do Grand Hotel Union

Na sliki: Taksi TuamV pri Grand Hotelu Union. Avtor: Ana Kapelj

Taxi do Hotela Lev

Na sliki: Taksi TuamV pri Hotel Lev. Avtor: Ana Kapelj

Taxi iz Letališča Ljubljana do Hotelov v Ljubljani:

    S taksijem je kar težko priti neposredno do hotela Best Western Premier Slon. Ob hotelu Slon sme voziti samo javni prevoz. Mi pa vam organiziramo hotelsko službo, da vas pride pobrat do taxija.
    Union hoteli so sestavljeni iz štirih različnih hotelov, ki so prikazani na slikah zgoraj. Za vsakega od teh hotelov Union imamo namensko taksi službo v središču Ljubljane z limuzino, udobnim avtomobilom ali kombijem. Ker so vsi Union hoteli skoraj na isti lokaciji v centru Ljubljane. Cena taxi prevoza za vse hotele Union z letališča Jožeta Pučnika Ljubljana je enaka.

Taxi do Central Hotel Ljubljana

TuamV taksi pred hotelom Central Hotel Ljubljana. Avtor: Ana Kapelj

Taxi to City Hotel Ljubljana

Pogled s taksija TuamV na City Hotel Ljubljana. Avtor: Ana Kapelj

Adria Airbus Letališče Ljubljana taxi

Na sliki: Adria Airways Airbus A320-200 at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport author: Aero Icarus (Own work) / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0

Taksi z ljubljanskega letališča v središče Mesta Ljubljane

Na sliki: Taksi z ljubljanskega letališča v središče Ljubljane. Avtor: Marko Koren

Taxi for Ljubljana train and bus station

Obviously the cheapest way for you is to take the bus or train. Transportation with this public transport is safe and not expensive. The problem arises when you want to take a public transfer from the Ljubljana railway station to a smaller town in Slovenia. You may find that there may be only two or one transport for these locations per day. To avoid unnecessary waiting for a bus or train, the most convenient solution is to order a taxi from the Ljubljana railway station.

Taxi bus station Ljubljana

Taxi at the Ljubljana bus station Author: Darko Fatur

A taxi driver checks the arrival of trains at the railway station in LjubljanaIn the picture: Inside the railway station, the Taxi driver checks the timetable Author: Darko Fatur

Taxi train station Ljubljana

In the picture: Taxi at the Ljubljana railway station. Darko Fatur

Transportation by taxi from the Ljubljana Railway Station is offered 24 hours a day by the TuamV taxi service. However, taxis must be booked 24 hours before departure. To book a taxi or VIP transport, visit our booking page:

Taxi to Brnik Ljubljana Airport

Ljubljana Airport is also called Brnik Airport or Zgornji Brnik Airport

This is because, despite the name, Ljubljana Airport is not located in the center of Ljubljana, but in the location of Zgornji Brnik, a village in the immediate vicinity of Ljubljana.

Address and Contact of Ljubljana Airport?

Ljubljana airport address


  • Upper Brnik 130A
  • 4210 Brnik - Aerodrom
  • Slovenia



  • Owner: Fraport
  • Taxi service - +386 40 805 761
  • Open: 24 hours / day
Taxi Brnik

Taxi transport from Brnik airport

The parking lot in front of Brnik Airport, where the passenger enters the taxi. Author: Darko Fatur

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