Bus Scania Irizar 51 seats

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Scania Irizar bus
Bus 51 + 1 seater

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Class: Travel Type: Bus No. seats: 51 + 1Brand: Scania Irizar

With this 51 + 1 seater bus, we successfully cover transportation for 51 passengers plus two additional drivers.

This Scania Irizar Bus is ideal for exclusive tours and transport, as it is a premium bus built by the Spanish company Irizar in collaboration with the Swedish brand Scania. It is known for its luxurious interior and comfortable seating arrangements.

Equipment of the VIP Luxury minibus includes:

  • television
  • adjustable passenger seats
  • air conditioner
  • guide microphone
  • tinted all windows
  • automatic transmission
  • electric door
  • huge luggage space
  • additional cooler
  • other .......