Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Luxury

Luksuzno vozilo minibus
minibus 8 sedežni za VIP prevoze
najem minibusa
Vip prevozi minibus luksuzni Mercedes Benz

VIP Mercedes Sprinter luxury minibus
Minibus 8 chairlift for VIP transport

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Class: Luxury Type: Minibus No. seats: 8 + 1 Make: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

For the most prestigious VIP transport, we have decided to offer an extremely luxurious vehicle, the VIP Mercedes Sprinter, which will provide exceptional comfort for up to 8 lucky passengers. The minibus was specially designed and equipped so that passengers will be able to enjoy an unforgettable travel experience.

The Mercedes Sprinter is a luxury van and has a high level of comfort features such as comfortable seats, air conditioning, audio and video system and more. The interior of the vehicle is equipped with high-quality materials such as leather and wood and is designed to provide comfort and elegance.

Mercedes Sprinter also has modern safety features like airbags, brake and parking assist system and others. The exterior of the vehicle is aerodynamic and elegant, with distinct lines and high-quality lights. In short, the Mercedes Sprinter is a luxury van or bus that combines functionality, comfort, safety and elegance in one vehicle.

Equipment of the VIP Luxury minibus includes:

  • video screen
  • free wifi in Slo
  • face to face
  • USB sockets for each passenger
  • coffee tables
  • High quality music system
  • adjustable passenger seats
  • leather upholstery
  • guide microphone
  • tinted all windows
  • dual air conditioner
  • automatic transmission
  • electric door
  • huge luggage space
  • 2x additional cooler
  • ambient lighting
  • other .......