Team building - an active day for your group


Besides from a wide range of taxi transfers and unique day tours we at TuamV Agency organize day trips which are planned in a way to connect people in even more unified groups. We guarantee you that your company or any different kind of organization will work together even better after a day with us!

 Our team building coaches will take your group to a beautiful area located in a profound nature where you will quickly learn that relationships with others are of great importance. The group will be invited to play a lot of games that were made with a purpose of reconnecting people. Everybody will learn how to make a fire in old fashion way and how to prepare lunch on it. The most thrilling part of the day is learning how to descend from a cliff with a help of a rope -everybody will learn how to abseil.

Do not worry! All adventures of the day are carefully monitored by our experienced Team Building Coaches who are taking care that everybody is having a wonderful time and that everybody is safe at all times.

If you would like to spend an active day in beautiful nature full of Karst phenomena we kindly ask you to write us and let us know your wishes!


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