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We already have a lot of inquiries for our new bus with a driver hire. The bus is part of our vehicle fleet for only one month and in this time it has already visited many cities.

Marko is this time sending his greetings from Turin. Turin is important business and cultural center in the northern part of Italy. Did you know that Turin was actually first Capital City of Italy? These days it still has an important role as a Capital of the Piedmont region and together with cities of Milano and Genoa it forms industrial triangle of Northern Italy.

Interesting fact: The best soccer team in history of the Italian Soccer League comes from Turin and it is called JUVENTUS.

One of the most interesting sights of Turin is definitely the basilica located in vicinity of the city on a hill called Superga. The basilica was called after the hill the Basilica of Superga. The legend says that the basilica was build as a promise of Victor Amadeus II of Savoy. Victor Amadeus climbed the hill to see besieged by Franco-Spanish forces during the War of the Spanish Succession. After seeing what is happening with his beloved Turin he knelt and promised that he will build a monument dedicated to the Virgin Mary in case of victory. After the victory the Victor Amadeus II was crowned as the king of Sicily. He kept his promise and build the basilica according to the plans of architect Filippo Juvarra. The Royal Crypt of Superga is now the burial place of the Savoy family.



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