Povh 2018 Orange rebulaPovh 2018 Orange rebula


1 X 750 ml
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With a glass of Povh Rebula orange wine you will feel like in a fruit paradise. The characteristic very intense aroma of figs, and with ripening in acacia barrels, developed a very beautiful aroma of dried fruit and spices, takes you to an exotic fairyland land.
This wine will impress both lay and professional wine connoisseurs.
Orange wine
Wine Type
Orange wine
Slovenia - Vipava
Bitter but fresh
Nutrition 100g
13 %
Length 0,17CM
Width 0,14CM
Height 0,39CM
Weight 1,58KG

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It is true that wines of similar quality and irreconcilability reach the price at least once more than this. And don't worry, Rebula Orange Povh achieves it and is sold in online stores for € 30 and more per litre, which it definitely deserves.

We are located in the immediate vicinity of the manufacturer, we have no transportation costs, and we have a very good relationship with the manufacturer. All these circumstances allow us to sell this quality product for affordable price.

WORLD FAMOUS World fame this Ribolla has acquired with its presentation of the famous Netflix show Restaurants On The Edge Summary: "Liberato has go to Goče, Vipava village, which is present in the show as the oldest wine village, specifically in to the wine cellar of winery Povh to further taste the previously mentioned orange wines. "
Although fresh, it is also a very demanding, complex wine, so is the production of orange wines from the Povh winery in Slovenia which is also unique on a global scale.


From year 2007 our customers trust us, we cherish this, it is for us biggest reward.

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  • Byorn

    - 20-01-2021
    It is very good wine, light macerated. I was positive supriesd with slovenian wines.
    Thank you for your feedback.
  • Peter

    - 20-01-2021
    Tasty wine and good price for this quality.
    Thank you for your feedback.
Recommended use

You definitely need this orange wine for all those who love lamb, various chicken risottos, White polenta. It also goes well with chicken, red meat such as beef and veal. If you combine the above dishes with Walnuts, Aubergine, sweet potatoes and roast and/or caramelised veg, you get a winning combination that does not go without orange wine.


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Vinification: for the orange wine we use the Ribolla variety, which belongs to the middle late varieties. We are very careful to achieve the appropriate grapes, as we want the highest possible level of alcohol, which acts as a natural protector of wine. Precisely because of this, the level of residual sugar is very low, as we want the sugar to be converted into alcohol.

Rebula intended for orange wine is harvested in October. The grapes are harvested in the early morning hours, when the temperature is still low, and immediately brought to the cellar for further processing. When the grapes are brought to the cellar, follow the process of separating the strawberries from the stalks and the grape pulp is pumped into the tub, where maceration and fermentation will take place for the next 14 days.

After maceration, the grape puree is squeezed in a pressed and the young wine is poured into new acacia barrels, where the wine will mature for the next 12 months and give the wine a special, slightly bitter taste with a high tannin content.

Product description

This famous wine with an intense yellowish color and orange hues, with an intense aroma of figs and almonds has a special taste. The taste of the wine is something special because, unlike ordinary (unmecered) rebula, orange wine uses a process of longer (14 days) maceration, which is controlled by temperature. Maceration means the contact of the must with the strawberry skin, seeds and strawberry flesh for a certain period of time. During this time, fermentation takes place with the controlled temperature. The taste of the wine is somewhat astringent, as the wine develops a high content of tannins during maceration, and at the same time wine is fresh and lively which is characteristic of the Rebula variety. This wine will impress both lay and professional wine connoisseurs.


"Alcohol may be hazardous to health if consumed to excess, the operation of machinery or driving after the consumption of alcohol is not advisable."
"Not for sale to persons under the age of 18 years."