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Fixing the bottle
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Wine cardboard box
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Wine packaging boxes

1 bottle wine box
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Bottle packaging boxes for shipping liquor and wine. Cardboard boxes to suit every budget ensures your products arrive safely & securely every time.

You can choose from a :
1 bottle cardboard wine box
3 bottle cardboard wine box
6 bottle cardboard wine box
12 bottle cardboard wine box

Units in box: Min 5
Length 16,60CM
Width 14,10CM
Height 38,50CM
Weight 0,38KG
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Wine shipping box test
6 bottle cardboard wine box tested
Bottle protection technology in packaging
A special cartridge keeps the bottle FIXED and away from the walls of the packaging. NO ADDITIONAL FILLING AND FILLER NEEDED
1. No problems with different bottle heights up to max 330 mm
2. The bottle is moved away from the bottom, sides and top of the box so it is safe from shocks.
3. Where necessary (bottom edges) it is protected by double protection due to the technological shape of the insert.
4. The packaging material is of exceptional quality.
5.There is no more unnecessary worry before a possible refund, due to bottle breakage

Wine boxes for shipping

Recommended use

In addition to wine packaging, our packaging is also suitable for shipping bottled products such as wines, beer, oils, beers, spirits, honey products and other products.


Shipping boxes from manufacturer NACPACK

Product description


Our wine shipping boxes come in a range of options including eco-friendly, courier approved and economical repacking and budget boxes. Cardboard wine shipping boxes are the perfect way to send one , three, six or more bottles of wine reliably through the post. All of these wine bottle boxes come complete with cell dividers, plus a reinforced overlapping base make them strong bottle boxes for packing and sending. These boxes with cardboard cell dividers can also be used for glass and ceramic bottles, glasses, glass tubes and more. Our wine shipping boxes for liquor and wine packaging ensuring each bottle is protected sufficiently to survive the courier system and arrive at their destination in the condition you intended.


Bottle Transit Packaging

In the past, we used to ship bottles packed in various packaging in our company. Because we sell online and send bottles  to all countries of the European Union, and sometimes even to very distant places, there were problems with the delivery itself, as most of the standard packaging was not of sufficient quality for safe delivery. After market research in order to determine the best possible packaging, to reduce the number of our broken bottles and prevent inconveniences with complaints, we decided on packaging from the Italian manufacturer Nakpack.

Our wine boxes and other bottles are a great solution for all winemakers, brewers, oil producers and others who sell their bottled products online and send them to end customers.

All bottled products in our store are now shipped online by mail with this packaging, and we have a very good experience with these Bottle Transit Packaging.

Matjaž Černe Monday, 24 August 2020
Great wine shipping boxes, from the time when I using them I didn't have any problem with.