In Žganjekuha KFI we produce spirits, which we fill in classic packaging for the needs of catering.

We are located in two locations. The company's headquarters are in Trzin, there is also a bottling plant. Distillation is carried out in the Vidovski hills in the village of Čohovo. This is also the source of a significant part of our raw materials. As an additional activity, tourism also appears in our company (we have our own picnic area). In addition to fruit growing, we also grow elderberries, raspberries, blackberries and other berries on our farm. In recent years, many new insights into the importance of these fruit species for human health have contributed to the rise in berry production and consumption.

You can try and get our products at the company's headquarters in Trzin. However, if you come to our business unit in Čohovo, where you are kindly invited, you can also visit the distillery and taste it in the tasting room.

We are a company that has long since reached the age of majority, and the actual tradition dates back at least a hundred years, as we still have a distillation kettle from 1840 in the company. It is made of pottery. So little for a joke: we don’t use it now. Perhaps another comment on why made of pottery: firstly because the pottery kettle was more accessible than cast iron (copper was almost non-existent), but also because the owner was able to destroy it in an instant in the event of a sudden visit from a financier.