Guerila Wines


GUERILA is a boutique cellar on Planina above Ajdovščina in the Vipava Valley. Their vineyards are spread on the southern peaks of Planina, on a slope almost 400 meters above sea level. Modest southern soil, flysch, careful work in the vineyard and the scorching coastal sun give birth to top quality. Because they want to keep nature healthy, they decided on bio-dynamic production and obtained the Demeter certificate. Today, the estate measures 18 hectares of vineyards, planted mainly with local white varieties (pinela, zelen, ribula, malvasia), and a few more merlot, barbera and cabernet franca. They produce 30,000 bottles of wine a year.


The story of quality begins in the vineyard. A single-spruce cultivation with a low vine load yields healthy and ripe grapes that are promising. Work continues in the wine cellar with knowledge and approaches acquired in the world's most renowned wine countries.


In addition to varietal wines with autochthonous pinela and celery, they offer mainly varieties and the most awarded Slovenian rosé. The wines have a pronounced, varietal characteristic fruity aroma, full and seductive taste, with a distinct freshness and playfulness. They are in line with today’s lifestyle, dietary trends and high consumer demands.