Petrič Wines


The rich tradition of the vine growers and winemaking Petrič family dates back to 1778 and is passed from generation to generation. My ancestors produced a small amount of wine, at first, but they was very proud and thankful for it. I am Urban Petrič and I am the 8th owner of winery. I have a lot of passion, dedication and love for viticulture and winemaking, like previous owners. The vineyards today consist of a total 9 vineyards on 8 hectares of land. All my vineyards lie on the southern slopes in Vipava valley around my birthplace village Slap, which was described already in the 17th century by Valvasor in his book The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola (1689) where he especially praised the noble wines from Slap: “Tears of vineyards at SLAP, which lies close to Lože, are the most delicious.” The soil of vineyards is a mixture of limestone, marl sandstone, and clay. The results are wines rich in mineral substances. Nature weather conditions in Vipava valley help me to produce special quality wines. It location is on the edge between mediterranean and continental climate. When wind Burja comes down the mountain vines are excites. The Burja is a powerful north-eastern wind witch can exceed 200 km/h. Generally it occurs during winter months. During summer, breath of the wind is present and help to dry morning dews. Because of that we can produce healthier grapes, later natural wines. Valuable centennial experience is being upgraded with the introduction of modern technologies that enable us to produce wines of superior quality. Because i care for nature and i want to produce nature wine i do not use any insecticide, herbicide and i use only organic fertilizer. I produce 10 different varieties mostly white 70% and 30% red wine. Beside others varieties i am very proud on two local autochthonous grape Zelen and Pinela.