Saksida Wines


Our farm is located in the village of Zalošče in the heart of the Vipava Valley. Excellent locations and well-kept vineyards are our greatest asset and foundation for the production of good wines. They stretch on the slopes above the river Vipava. Along with excellent wines, you will be able to enjoy typical Vipava dishes at our homestead. We also have a place for camping and motorhomes. We are an hour away from Ljubljana, a good half an hour from Trieste, an hour and a half from Venice.

The cultivation form is a single "Guyot", planting density of 4000-6000 vines per hectare. The maximum yield per cane is 1.5 kg. A small load after the cane is the first condition for high quality, which starts in the vineyard and gets its true image in the cellar. Cellaring according to traditional procedures with modern technological methods enables the production of varietal and rich wines that tell the story of us.