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The gift voucher for wild bear watching is a great gift for all nature and wildlife lovers. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors and wants adventure will be happy to receive a gift to see a bear in the Slovenian forests.

After you buy a gift voucher, an additional step is needed to make a reservation for your date of the visit later with the booking form. If you want to make a date reservation directly when you buy this service, please visit Buy a Bear Watching in Slovenia.
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  • Duration: 1.5 - 4 hour
  • Availability: 1.4. - 1.11 every season
  • Guided tours:  Guided tours are in Slovenian and English.
  • Advance Booking required!
  • The link for booking your tour date is: Book reservation for Bear watching in Slovenia
  • After paying the gift certificate for wine tastings, you will receive a gift voucher by e-mail, and all these instructions.


There are different locations in each region where bears can be observed. However, there are different percentages in these locations that you will see it. Observation in the wild is often unpredictable and sometimes the bear may not appear.

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Bear Watching in Slovenia


This Gift Voucher is for Half day Bear Watching tour. After the reservation when you select your date of visit, you will be sent to one of the locations which will be available for your selected date. Please check our Bear Watching Slovenia Half-day tours locations here.

Product description

The watching of brown bears and other wildlife will take place from a hunting observatory, which can hold six people at the most. A guide will pick you up at the meeting point and will take you on a jeep ride through the forest, so you can enjoy the scenery.

You will then leave the vehicle not too far away from your destination and continue on foot. The watching at the observation point will last from 2 – 3 hours and has to be conducted in total quiet. After that, you will be taken back to the starting point in a jeep.

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