Tolminc (aged) Dairy PlanikaTolminc (aged) Dairy Planika

Dairy Planika Tolminc

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Tolminc cheese is made according to traditional recipes from non-homogenized milk with 3.65% milk fat.

It has a very long and rich tradition. The beginnings of the production of Tolminc cheese in the upper Soča are connected with the beginnings of grazing in the high mountains, which is understandable, since at that time cheese-making was the only way of preserving milk in mountainous conditions. The first records of Tolminc cheese date back to the 13th century, when the cheese was listed as a means of payment for a duty to the landlords of the time.
Slovenia - Gorizia
Nutrition 100g
1507 kJ / 363kcal
<0,1 g
of sugars
Saturated fat
Height 0,26M
Width 0,04M
Length 0,04M
Weight 0,90KG
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3,65% milk fat

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The Upper Soča represents a kind of crossroads of the influences of the Mediterranean and Alpine climate. For this reason, the Upper Soča region has certain natural conditions, which are transferred to milk through feed, and from here to the final product with mild technological approaches. The taste of the cheese is initially sweet and milky, but as it matures it becomes more and more intense and rich, aromatic and sweetly spicy. Tolminc cheese has a smooth, naturally bright yellow rind, sparsely studded eyes in cross-section, in size from lentils to peas. It matures on wooden shelves in controlled conditions. The cheese is turned by hand every day. The cheese is made from milk that is pasteurized and not homogenized. As one of the few, Tolminc cheese with a hard rind is sold without a protective foil and without a coating.

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