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Acacia honey

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How to recognize quality natural honey.
Natural Acacia honey does not spoil, and always crystallizes to a solid state at colder temperatures. It is converted back into a liquid by heating to 40 ° C - if this limit is exceeded, it loses its healing properties.

Acacia honey from the Kovač family is a completely 100% natural quality product without additives.

Slovenia - Notranjsko kraška
Slovenia - Notranjsko kraška
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100% natural home-made AKACIJEV MED, from the Kovač family, is made in the traditional way without additives. Bees make it from nectar (medicine), which they collect on the flowers of the thorn tree ACACIA (Robinia pseudoacacia L.). It is almost colorless to light yellow. It has a delicate fruity scent of acacia flowers and a delicate vanilla aroma. It crystallizes slowly.

In this Honey is not added or mix anything (like sugar..) that would increase the amount of honey, so the price is already at the optimal level.

Selected reviews
Gospa Valerija

Ta med je odličen, Redno ga uporabljam s čajem, smotiji in za zajtrk. Priporočim ga vsem, ki imajo radi kvalitetno domačo hrano.

Gospa Marija

Vidi se, da je domač, ga je treba kar krepo z žlico iz kozarca ko je malo bolj hladno. Okus je dober, bogat in vsaj vem, da jem domače in ne s kitajske uvoženo pa preprodano.

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1 X 450 ml 3 X 450 ml - 5% 6 X 450 ml - 10%
1 X 900 ml 3 X 900 ml - 5% 6 X 900 ml - 10%

The healing effects of this honey

The peculiarity of acacia honey is that it can be consumed by even lighter diabetics, of course under medical supervision.


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Recommended use

Kovač honey is a rich energy nutrient that also contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants. They especially advise its use in anemia, malnutrition, pregnancy, in states of severe physical exertion, in reduced immunity of the immune system, in old age and in recovery after illness. Honey can be consumed even by lighter diabetics, of course under medical supervision. Honey has antimicrobial effectiveness against many bacteria as well as some fungi. Thus, honey is recommended for healing wounds (including surgical), burns, various inflammations (protects wounds from new infections), it can be used to treat stomach ulcers, it also works well against inflammation, reduces pain, especially in burns and ulcers. Honey soothes, allows relaxation and better sleep. It is also used for cosmetic purposes as it soothes irritated skin.


This honey is a natural food produced by honey bees (in our case Carniolan lavender - Apis mellifera carnica) from the Nectar of Acacia Trees. Bees medicine or process, thicken, mix the secretions of their own glands and then store it in the honeycomb cells. Honey is obtained from the honeycomb by centrifugation and filling into suitable packaging.

Product description

Natural liquid honey of Kovač does not spoil, it can only crystallize into a solid state. It is converted back into a liquid by heating to 40 ° C - if this limit is exceeded, it loses its healing properties. Honey is stored in closed packaging, in dark places at temperatures up to + 25 ° C for several years. Therefore, it is very suitable for online online sales, because at a reasonable price of postage you can get it very cheaply. By ordering on our site, you get a 30-day warranty and the option to return the product if you just don't like it. So your purchase is completely safe.