Fructal Slovenia vodkaFructal Slovenia vodka

Slovenia vodka, XOXO Vodka

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Slovenia vodka is a premium vodka brand, made entirely in Slovenia. Peter Kelly’s Vodka and Bill Murray’s Vodka of Choice!
Vodka has a curious pedigree. The nose starts off classically, with medicinal character backed with a bit of smoke — or smoked meat — character. Pungent and powerful, it leads into a body that is surprisingly quite different than what you might expect. Here you’ll find much bigger sweetness, vanilla and butterscotch notes.

Slovenia vodka

Slovenia - Vipava

Soft, fresh taste


Slovenia vodka

Slovenia - Vipava

Soft, fresh taste

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  • Sonja

    Slap ob Idrijci - Slovenia 14-04-2021
    Zelo zadovoljna z izgledom in okusom izdelka ter hitrostjo dodtave. Odlicno. Izdelek sem in se bom priporocila prijateljem in znancem.
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Video presentation
SLOVENIA VODKA No Words Necessary
Two members of our tasting panel were so enthusiastic that they joined the SLOVENIA VODKA team as celebrity spokespersons.
SLOVENIA VODKA Sometimes Words Are Necessary Mikhail Baryshnikov and Bill Murray are both well versed in the enjoyment of SLOVENIA VODKA, in a word... good.
Bill Murray Slovenian Vodka on Dave Letterman
The incredible Bill Murray toasts with Slovenian Vodka to David Letterman as his last guest.

Made from selected 99.9% winter wheat and 0.1% non-pearled buckwheat (“for smoothness”), pot-distilled, and brought to proof with Slovenian Alps water, Slovenia

The 2013 SIP Awards, International Spirits Competition; San Francisco World Spirits Competition; The Fifty Best Imported Vodkas Competition…
Product description

Slovenia vodka is made from a selected distillate of winter wheat and a pinch of the best Slovenian buckwheat, which gives vodka a special softness. The unique bottle makes Slovenia vodka stand out from the competing premium vodkas. Since its launch, Slovenia vodka has received numerous recognitions and awards, which confirm its top quality.

This spirit was created by Chef Peter X. Kelly and his team to be “the culinary vodka” for pairings and making cocktails. Distilled from winter wheat, “with just a whisper” of Slovenian buckwheat (less than 1%), this vodka is generally neutral on the nose and palate, with touches of grapefruit peel and white pepper on the astringent finish. Serve well-chilled and possibly paired with smoked salmon, cheeses or other savory treats. KARA NEWMAN  



"Alcohol may be hazardous to health if consumed to excess, the operation of machinery or driving after the consumption of alcohol is not advisable."
"Not for sale to persons under the age of 18 years."