Vipava valley buy wine mix 3.jpgVipava valley buy wine mix 3.jpg
Vipava valley buy wine mix 3.jpg
Ferjancic 2019 Merlot vino
Sveti Martin 2020 Pinela
Petrič Bela natura

Wine bundle of three excellent Slovenian wines - TOP 3

3 X 750 ml
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We have selected a selection of three top Vipava wines from Slovenia as a gift wine bundle for you and your friends. We chose 2 varieties of white typical of the Vipava Valley, ie Zelen and Pinela, and red wine of the Merlot variety.

Ferjančič, Sv. Martin, Petrič 

Slovenia - Vipava
Wine Type
White wine
Red wine
Nutrition 100g
Length 0,17CM
Width 0,14CM
Height 0,39CM
Weight 5,88KG

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Three types of top wines from renowned Slovenian producers.

Ferjančič wines

Petrič wines

Wines Saint Martin

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Recommended use
The gift win package contains alcohol and is suitable for gifting adults over 18 years of age
We recommend the gift package of three selected three wines, especially to connoisseurs of good wine, as only they will be able to assess the quality of these products.
Product description

PINELA Sveti Martin 2019

Sveti Martin 2016 is an autochthonous vine in the Slovenia Vipava region. It was first mentioned in 1324. It is not known that Pinela is grown anywhere else today except in the Vipava Valley. According to official records from 2008) pinela is planted on 50 ha. The vines are best suited to poor marl soils in higher sun positions. Planina nad Ajdovščino is considered to be the central production area of ​​Pinela, as there are many suitable locations in the vicinity of this village.

GREEN Petrič 2018 (Zelen)

Zelèn wine from Slovenia is an autochthonous variety from the upper Vipava Valley. Zelen wine has a delicate aroma of floral-fruity perception, complemented by Mediterranean spices (lavender, rosemary). The wine has a full and noble body and the right amount of freshness and softness. The fullness of the taste testifies to the rich composition of the extract, which is manifested in the mouth for a long time by releasing sweet-sour perceptions in a nice balance. Impression after a sip - a slow departure confirms the rich composition and harmony of the wine.

MERLOT Ferjančič 2016

That is the main Slovenian Merlot. The right measure of the sun and two years of care in oak barrels give birth to an exceptional Merlot. The wine is an intense garnet red color with ruby ​​hues. The smell is reminiscent of forest fruits and prunes and transitions to the scents of vanilla and roasted coffee. Soft and rounded tannin give the wine fullness and elegance of taste.


"Alcohol may be hazardous to health if consumed to excess, the operation of machinery or driving after the consumption of alcohol is not advisable."
"Not for sale to persons under the age of 18 years."