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Taxi Bad Kleinkirchheim Ski Resort

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Guide for Taxi to Bad Kleinkirchheim:

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Good to know about Bad Kleinkirchheim

Bad Kleinkirchheim is a ski resort and spa town in Carinthia, Austria. Agriculture was the dominant focus, in history but it is now a spa and ski resort. Location of Bad Kleinkirchheim is in a 5 km in the Gurktal Alps at an average elevation of 1,087 m . The only way in and out is by the B88 road which links the area to Radenthein in the west and Reichenau in the east. To the north and south of the valley, the hills rise relatively steeply to an elevation of about 2,000 m (6,600 ft). This provide one of best ski slopes in Austria.

Taxi Bad Kleinkirchheim from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Austria and Hungary.

Taxi Bad Kleinkirchheim service from Italy:

From Airport Ronchi Trieste

  • Taxi from airport Ronchi Trieste to Bad Kleinkirchheim is done with our agency tuam v quite frequently. We offer for these transport low price. You can check price if you go to book taxi and there fill form then click on see price button.

From Gorizia

  • Gorizia a town near border with Slovenia have many times need for a taxi transport to ski slope Bad Kleinkirchheim in Austria. 2 h and 20 min is time for transport between these two. And we did usually for cheap price.

From Venice

  • Taxi from Airport Venice to this ski slope in Austria is also done by TuamV taxi agency. We will need about 3 h with taxi for these distance.

Taxi service to Bad Kleinkirchheim from Austria :

Taxi from Villach

  • Taxi transport from Villach and Villach train station towards Bad Kleinkirchheim ski resort. We have best price and and good quality taxi for this

From Klagenfurt

  • The most requested is transport from airport Klagenfurt towards Bad Kleinkirchheim ski resort. Taxi from Klagenfurt will need about 1 h to get to ski resort.

From Graz

  • Graz it is the second largest city in Austria and demanding for taxi transport towards Bad Kleinkirchheim is everyday bigger. Distance for these is 185 km you will need 2 h time to get there.

Taxi service to Bad Kleinkirchheim from Slovenia:

Taxi from Ljubljana Airport

  • Taxi from Ljubljana airport will need 1h to get in there. Because distance is 109 km and we need use Karavanke tunnel. Sometimes special in winter is there a traffic jam so could happen we will need more time.

From Maribor

  • From Maribor we need 2 h and 40 min distance is 234 km.

Taxi from Croatia to Bad Kleinkirchheim:

From Zagreb Airport

  • Airport Zagreb to Bad Kleinkirchheim need 2 h and 50 min distance is 268 km.

From Reka

  • From Rijeka in Croatia towards Austria Bad Kleinkirchheim we drive mostly in winter time. We need about 3 h to get there.

Taxi service to Bad Kleinkirchheim from Hungary:

From Bajánsenye

  • 3 h and 30 min we will need with taxi for this distance. If everything go smooth from Bajánsenye Hungary towards Slovenia

From Felsoszölnök

  • 3 h and 10 min we will need with taxi for this distance. 260 km is long distance.

Bad Kleinkirchheim data:

Taxi Bad Kleinkirchheim
Via Wikimedia by Popie . CC BY-SA 4.0
    Adress for Bad Kleinkirchheim
  • Postcode: 9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim
  • Statistical region: Spittal an der Drau
  • Traditional region: Carinthia
  • Country: Austria
  • Website:
  • Total: 74.01 km2 (28.58 sq mi)

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