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offers online Taxicab booking and a Taxi Transfer to the City of Rijeka which lies in the County Primorje-Gorski Kotar and is the third-largest city in Croatia. We offer Taxicab to Rijeka from the countries of Slovenia and Italy. For you and your business partners we also provide aside of regular transfer a VIP luxury transportation service. If you want to know how to get from Rijeka to Venice, Trieste, Ljubljana or to Zagreb please continue to read this post.

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Transfer between Rijeka and Ljubljana from Slovenia

Taxi Ljubljana Airport To Rijeka in Croatia
Ljubljana Airport or Jože Pučnik Airport is Slovenian capital airport and the primary airport in the region of Ljubljana. For this transfer with taxicab you will need approximately 1 hour and 55 minutes. The calculation of time spend on the road was done in a time of fluid traffic. More information about this route you will find with the link bellow: Google map, Airport Ljubljana to Rijeka
There is a bit confusion since the airport has changed its name many time in just few years. So if you are looking for a Bus you can look for all the following variations of route’s name: Rijeka – Ljubljana Airport a Brnik Airport or Jože Pučnik Airport. The distance of the route is 137 kilometres long.
Price for a car from Ljubljana Airport:
  • 128 € / 4 persons
  • 32 € / person
Price with a Minibus:
  • 144 € / 8 persons
  • 18 € / person
This price is just informative to see the real time prices please visit our booking form.
Taxicab between Rijeka and Ljubljana Slovenian Capital City
The cab transfer to Ljubljana City will cross the distance of 115 kilometres in a little bit less then two hours in case of fluent traffic. The ride with our services promises you a comfortable and safe travelling to Ljubljana. If you would like to know more about this route, you can check the following link of google maps Ljubljana to Rijeka Croatia
Price to Ljubljana City with a Car:
  • 118 € / 4 persons
  • 29,5 € / person
Price with a Minibus:
  • 128 € / 8 persons
  • 16 € / person
This price is just informative to see real time prices please visit our booking form.

From Italy, Trieste, Venice and Treviso City

Getting Taxi from Rijeka to Trieste and Trieste Airport
Rijeka is located approximately 119 kilometres from the Trieste Airport. Airport is located in Via Aquileia, 46, 34077 Ronchi dei Legionari GO, Italija. Is called Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport. For this distance to Trieste you will need approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes in case of fluent traffic. Our service is one of the most comfortable and also affordable ways to get a taxi to Trieste City. If you would like to know more about this route, follow the link: Google map Trieste to Rijeka
Price for Trieste to Rijeka with a Car:
  • 90 € / 4 persons
  • 22,5 € / person
Price with a Minibus:
  • 104 € / 8 persons
  • 13 € / person
This price is just informative to see real time prices please visit our booking form.
Taxi transfer from Rijeka, Croatia to Venice Airport (VCE), Italy
If you wonder how to get from Rijeka to Venice you are on right place. Transfer from Venice Airport Marco Polo the airport in Venice Italy takes approximately 3 hours if there is no traffic jams on the way. In this time you will cross a distance of 230 kilometres, if you are travelling by car. There are also some regular connections to travel by bus or train but for more relaxed and comfortable way of travelling choose our taxi transfer services. If you would like to learn more about the this route click on the following link: Google map Venice Airport to Rijeka. We can drive you also to the Venice City bus station, from there you will need to take a water taxi to your desired destination in Venice.
Price for travelling to Venice Airport:
  • 216 € / 4 persons
  • 50 € / person
Price with a Minibus:
  • 224 € / 8 persons
  • 28 € / person
This price is just informative to see a real time prices please visit our booking form.
Taxi transfer between Rijeka, Croatia and Treviso Airport (TSF), Italy
Rijeka is located about 227 kilometres from Treviso Airport. You will need approximately 3 hours for this distance of 227 kilometres to Treviso Airport by car in case of fluent traffic. The Treviso Airport is located in the vicinity of a beautiful City of Venice. If you are flying from Treviso take some extra time and go for a walk through the City. There are regular shuttles, buses and trains that will connect you directly with a city of Venice. For more information about the route see: Google map Rijeka to Treviso
Price to Treviso Airport with a Car
  • 216 € / 4 persons
  • 50 € / person
Price with a Minibus:
  • 224 € / 8 persons
  • 28 € / person
This price is just informative to see real time prices please visit our booking form.

From Zagreb City and Zagreb Airport

Taxi from Rijeka to Zagreb airport
Best route from Zagreb Airport Franjo Tuđman Airport to Rijeka City with a cab is from Zagreb trought Karlovac in Croatia to the city of Rijeka. It will take about 2 hours for completing the trip. See on google map: Zagreb airport to Rijeka
Price to Zagreb airport with a Car:
  • 192 € / 4 persons
  • 48 € / person
Price with a Minibus:
  • 208 € / 4 persons
  • 26 € / person
This price is just informative to see real time prices please visit our booking form.


Aron Carter
Verified statement
Excellent service.

Stars: 5/5
My name is Aron and I was travelling to Rijeka for very important meeting. My flight landed at the Airport Treviso, that is in the vicinity of Venice. For the taxi service from Treviso to Rijeka I have chosen the TuamV travel agency and they provided me with an excellent service. Even thou my flight was quite early the driver was already there at the airport holding a sign with my name in his hands. The driver took me to the City of Rijeka in Croatia fast and safe. The ride was so comfortable that even before I have noticed I have been already in Croatia and soon after that in the City of Rijeka.

Melanie Lynske
Verified statement
I highly recommend it!!

Stars: 5/5
This was my first time at the Airport in Ljubljana Slovenia. As you can guess I was quite nervous when I realised that my flight is being late. When we have finally landed the TuamV taxi driver was already in the arrivals hall waiting for me even thou my flight was more then 4 hours late. The driver explained to me that the part of TuamV system is to monitor flight arrivals to be there for there client even in cases like this. The taxi driver took me from the Airport in Venice to Rijeka, Croatia in a safe and fast manner. TuamV taxi agency really cares about their clients - I highly recommend it!!

Verified statement
A good care of all of us

Stars: 5/5
We are family of five and for the taxi service from Rijeka to Venice we have chosen a taxi service provider TuamV. The driver was super nice and friendly, he helped us with our luggage and he took a good care of all of us. The vehicle was really clean and specious - it made out travelling very comfortable. I would highly recommend TuamV taxi service for all of you that are travelling from Rijeka to the Airport of Venice.

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What to do in Rijeka

Rijeka is most known as a port city. The port of Rijeka is the biggest in the country and City of Rijeka itself is the third biggest city in Croatia. Rijeka is located in gulf of Kvarner that is in the northern part of Adriatic Sea and is administrative centre of Primorje; Gorsko - Kotarksa županija.
Travellers are coming to Rijeka from different reasons. Young and young at heart are coming to Rijeka to explore its night life, some are coming to learn more about vivid past of the City but most of them are coming to Rijeka because of its transit features - Rijeka offers a lot of good possibilities to travel by train, boat or by plane. There is 8 regular ferry lines that are departing from Rijeka Port and Rijeka Airport offers a lot of flight connections to many cities all around Europe.
Rijeka is of course not only famous by it transit features but also by its rich history, by its cultural events and vivid night life. There is many historical must see areas in Rijeka but I would like to highlight only three. First of them is Governor’s palace. The place itself is also the first exhibit of Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian coast that is located in the building its self. Museum offers a detailed insight to the life next to the sea. Rijeka is proud of its university library, modern gallery, city museum but most of all is proud of Capuchin Church that is hiding amazing art work of one of Rijeka’s most famous painter Romola Venucci. And at the End nobody should miss to walk along the Roman Arch that used to be an entry of Praetorium – A Roman military complex.
If you will have a day or two left than you should definitely visit the area of Gorski Kotar. This area is in proximity of Rijeka but so wild and different if you compare it to the city. Gorski Kotar is home of bears, wolfs and eagles. This area is covered with forest and is full of fresh air and beautiful hiking and biking trails.
If you decide to explore this area as well you will get the feeling that you have moved from the sea all the way up to the clouds.
See more stuff to do on TripAdvisor: Things to Do in Rijeka

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