Transport of bikes in slovenia

Transport bike bicycles and cyclist with a taxi in Slovenia

We offer one of the cheapest taxi transport of bikes and cyclists in Slovenia. Transfer of bicycles a TuamV taxi service offers to various destinations in Slovenia. To order the taxi transfers of bikes is only necessary to contact us. This can be done through:

1. Booking form for a transport of the bicycles
2. Call us: +386 40 805 761.

After filling out the form and information requested we will send you our response and the price of transport.

Vehicles and Equipment for a taxi transport of bicycles

For transport or transfer of bikes and cyclists we using the following types of vehicles and equipment:

Taxi van vehicle:

Van vehicle a taxi for a bikes transport.
Van vehicle a taxi for a bikes transport. Author: Darko Fatur

Van vehicle is our taxi for for bikes. Unlike other providers, with this taxi transport we do not use special carriers for bicycles. The wheels are brought into the trunk of the vehicle and are coated with a special foam.

  • Suitable for transporting a maximum of four persons with bicycles.
  • The wheels are protected from the weather during transport.
  • Price: The cheapest transport of bikes at agency TuamV. From 20 Eur up.

Trailer for a transfer the bicycles.

Trailer for a transfer 16 bicycles.
Trailer for a transfer 16 bicycles. Author: Marko Koren

For this transport go all the cyclists in to the van while the bikes are loaded on for this purpose-made trailer.

  • Suitable for a large number of people.
  • One trailer can transport to 16 bicycles.
  • Price: After your inquiry we will inform you about the cost of transport.

Transportation of bicycles and cyclists with a bus.

Transportation of 8 bicycles and cyclists with a bus.
Transportation of 8 bicycles and cyclist. By: Marko Koren

For the transport of large number of cyclists and bikes we use the bus with a trailer.

  • One bus is suitable for a maximum of sixteen cyclists.
  • Price: Higher price range.

Transportation of bikes with a public transport in Slovenia

In Slovenia you can use transportation for bikes with a public transport. Trains and some buses offer this option.

Transport bicycle by train

Slovenian Railways offer one of the cheapest services. By their own words described as follows:
Travel with bike and train combining bikes and trains is possible on domestic and international services. Trains allowing transport of bicycles are marked with a framed bicycle symbol in the timetable. You can take your bicycle with you also when travelling abroad. In timetable leaflets for domestic and foreign travel, trains allowing transport of bicycles are marked with a framed bicycle symbol. Certain provisions apply when combining bike and train
Read more: Travel with train.

Bikes and bus

Currently, one of the few bus services, which provides transport of bicycles in Slovenia is Arriva. But only for a few destinations and they equip a three buses for transport of bikes. At the time when we wrote this they don't have a english version so we will link you to what they have.
More: Website of Arriva bus service

Transport bicycle by train.
Transport bicycle by train Author: Slovenian cycling network
Bus service with bikes.
Bus service with bikes.
Review on the transport of bicycles with TuamV taxi service
Transport bicycles from Kranjska Gora to Piran

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I was pleased with them, the bike were brought unscathed. Was well secured to the trailer and a completely safe.

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