Taxi from Bled to Ljubljana airport

Taxi from Bled to Ljubljana airport.



Taxi from Ljubljana airport to Lake bled

  • Our taxi from Ljubljana airport to Lake bled is cheap but with outstanding quality. In our fleet we have new cars like Mercedes E class brand new vans an so on. However the most popular order a taxi Ljubljana airport to Bled is with our comfort car a sedan type. Comfort sedan car Is also the cheapest and still offer good comfort. If you order luxury car for taxi Ljubljana airport Lake Bled you will need pay a little extra but you will travel in style. Taxi Bled Ljubljana airport sometimes called Brnik is the most searched at summer time in Slovenia.

Taxi Bled to Ljubljana

  • We offer also Taxi from Bled to Ljubljana city. The demanding for taxi Ljubljana happens most at events like Bled days. These year was Bled days 2015. We recommend you to book a taxi few days earlier if you planning visit us at that time.

Bled Taxi Slovenia

  • Our service is Bled taxi for Slovenia. We hope we didn't give impression that we drive only to Ljubljana and places near. We drive all around Slovenia and in all neighbour countries.

Taxi Klagenfurt Bled

  • Example of one the most popular route in foreign country is taxi Klagenfurt Bled. These route is constantly demand and show in our search query.

How to book

To order a taxi on our TuamV site. Please wisit page Book taxi and it takes only a few minutes to book. If you need help or cannot find what you are looking for, read more about booking in our FAQ or call us at + 386 40 805 761


Price depend of distance. Average is price about 0.7 € on kilometer then depend of type a car season time and etc. At time when i wrote these blog a price Bled Ljubljana city is 59 €. Always check price because is changing constantly.

TumV operation time

Service we offer 24 hour a day. But you need order taxi service at least 12 hour in advance.

Bled good to know ( events nightlife hotels )


Bled have one of most diverse events in Slovenia. From local traditional events to international sports events for highest medals. Like 2015 world rowing cup. Read more about events.


On this link you will find hotels and almost all available accommodation.


Bled is quiet place. We find best and correct answers about nightlife in these article on tripadvisor. Nightlife

Data :

Bled via Wikimedia, by Oliver-Bonjoch
CC BY-SA 4.0
  • Post No.: 4260 Bled
  • Traditional Region: Upper Carniola
  • Statistical region: Upper Carniola
  • Country: Slovenija
  • Bled Google Maps