Taxi Kranjska Gora

Taxi for Kranjska Gora

Taxi agency TuamV offers at winter time taxi transport to Kranjska gora ski slopes. We also drive with taxi to ski resort Kranjska Gora towards Austria and Italy.

Slovenia have few really good ski resorts. We offer taxi transport to these:

How to book Taxi Service for Kranjska Gora

For booking a taxi service to Kranjska gora go to our book taxi page. If you need help regarding your booking, please read our FAQ . If you need contact us by contact form or by phone: +386 40 805 761.

Good to know about Kranjska Gora taxis

In Kranjska Gora highest demanding for taxi is in winter time. Because of their beautiful nature which offer good ski slopes. Especially crowded and most needed for taxi, is time when Kranjska Gora host international ski competition called Vitranc and competition for world cup in ski jumping Planica. If you planning visit Kranjska Gora at that time please book taxi a few days before visit because It could happen that the taxis were all busy these days and there will be not anymore taxi available to book.

In Kranjska Gora usualy we provide taxi sevice for these destination:

Kranjska Gora to airport Ljubljana transfer

  • Destination for these transfer from Kranjska Gora to airport Ljubljana is 67,6 kilometers. For this distance you will need approximately 48 minutes.
  • Please read more about these, on our page taxi for Ljubljana airport.

taxi from Kranjska Gora towards Ljubljana

  • Road distance with Taxi from Kranjska Gora to Ljubljana is 84,5 kilometers. View on google map -Ljubljana. For this distance you will need approximately 1 h 2 minutes.

Taxi service Tarvisio to Kranjska Gora

  • For taxi service from Kranjska Gora to Tarvisio you will need 22 minutes. Destination from Kranjska Gora to Tarvisio is 18,6 kilometers.View on google map - Tarvisio.

Taxi Villach to Kranjska Gora

  • Taxi from Villach over mountain pass Podkoren you will need 35 minutes. Destination over mountain pass Podkoren is 25 kilometers. In winter time these mountain pass could be closed. In these case we will take alternate route via Tarvisio. View on google map - Villach.

From Krajnska Gora, taxi to Jesenice

Other things about taxi in Kranjska Gora

Kranjska gora data:

Taxi Kranjska Gora
Via Wikimedia by Matej V. CC BY-SA 4.0
    Adress for Kranjska Gora
  • Postcode: 4280 Kranjska Gora
  • Municipality: Kranjska Gora
  • Statistical region: Upper Carniola
  • Traditional region: Upper Carniola
  • Country: Slovenia
  • Total: 44.7 km2 (17.3 sq mi)
  • Elevation: 806.3 m (2,645.3 ft)