FAQ Taxi

Everything you need to know about our Taxi Service


How easy is it to book taxi?

  • Very! Our taxi booking form, placed on the top of the page, makes your transfer reservation very simple and easy. You can make a booking in 2 minutes.

Ways to book a Taxi Service

  • You can book a taxi with the Booking Application. Also you can go to simple Contact form for booking and fill out the contact form. Or call by phone +386 40 805 761.
  • The easy and quick way is to use the booking application, because you will enter all necessary data and you will avoid later corrections to your data for taxi booking.

How soon I should book the transfer?

  • Sometimes you can arrange transportation in ten minutes, but we suggest that you book, at least two days prior to departure or we recommended booking when you already have arranged reservations (airline ticket, cruise, etc.).
  • Cancellation of the service is completely free of charge 24 hours before the service, except for group services on a cruise where you share the transport with other passengers.

How can I pay?

Method of payment are following:

  • Online prepay 15% the rest in cash to the driver
  • Online with Credit card or PayPal
  • Credit Card to the driver
  • Cash to the driver


  • Online prepay 15% fee is 0.
  • Online payment fee is 3,4%.
  • Credit card to the driver fee is 4,7%.
  • Cash to the driver. Risk fee 5%.

Online payment is currently support with Credit Card or PayPal account via PayPal.
For payment with Credit card or Cash to the driver, you must be reachable by phone on the day of making the reservation, as well a day before of actual transfer. Otherwise the service will be cancelled.

After booking a order with application and select online payment I accidentally lost link for paypal payment. How to recover?

Is easy

  • Please log in website.
    After successfully made booking you get on your email address notification how to log in our website.
  • Visit page Taxi booking -> My account -> My Orders
  • Find your booking
  • Press the button "Pay Now"

How to book a taxi transfer with the Taxi Booking Application?

In this section we explain process how to book a taxi at company TuamV with booking application.

Booking Application

I. Visit Book taxi page
  • 1. Enter your address by clicking on the black field placed under the question (pick-up). After clicking on the black field you will be able to type up your address.
  • 2. Your pick up address must be selected from the drop down suggestions or the booking form will not work.
  • 3. Fill in all the blanks in the same way and click on "see price" button.

  • FAQ how to book a taxi

II. After "see price" button you will be presented with the available vehicles

  • 4.There is a list of available vehicles with fixed prices. To make a reservation of a vehicle Select a vehicle by clicking on the green button (Book naw) next to the vehicle of your choice.

  • FAQ how to book a taxi

III. After selecting the "Book now" button you come on the user information list

  • 5. Enter your personal data and press the button Next.

  • FAQ how to book a taxi

IV. After "Next" button you come on the reservation summary:

  • 6. Check your order, you can always go back if you click on the tab above.
  • 7. Mark that you except our general terms and conditions.
  • 8. Taxi booking is complete when you press the "make reservation" button

  • FAQ how to book a taxi

V. After Taxi reservation

  • Notification with the status "Waiting" will be sent sent to your email address. Notification will contain provided information - please check them again.
  • In a short time you will get another e-mail with status: "Confirm" / "Denied" This notification will let you know if your order was accepted or if it was denied.

Contact form - What data is needed to provide for a taxi booking?

If you prefer using a contact form instead of a booking application please fill out this data:

I. Put in the Contact form these details:

  • Name (name that we should use for a sign)
  • Email (Be careful with the email. It is the only way for us to contact you besides the phone.)
  • Subject (eg. Taxi Booking. )
  • Message

II. In Message put these details:

  • Mobile number (optional, but the phone number helps us.)
  • Pick up place
  • Going to (optional, to let us know where you are going and we can make you a price offer.)
  • Number of passengers (any specific details)
  • Number of luggage (any specific details)

III. If you come on an airport put that in the message also:

  • Date of landing
  • Flight number (if not shure fill in town of flight departure)
  • Landing time (ETA Estimated time of arrival)
  • Any notes (optional need of babyseats, paying with credit card, etc.)

How to cancel a taxi order?

  • Canceling a taxi order is 12 hour before execution completely free. It can be done by taxi booking application, by phone or via contact form.

Cancel by Taxi Booking Form

  • Easiest way is to cancel a taxi order by booking application.
I. Visit a Booking App. page
  • 1. Find Cancel booking box and enter the Reference number. then click on the green field (Cancel).

  • Taxi Booking form

  • 2. The reference number you will find on your Email adress. After coplete taxi booking order you will get on your email with Subject something like that eg.( Booking Notification : Order Id - 5585ba2fc45e9 ). 5585ba2fc45e9 is the reference nomber. Also if you enter your email you will find the reference No: 5585ba2fc45e9 on the top of your page in right corner.

  • Taxi order

How I find the driver at the airport?

  • Our driver will be waiting in the airport building at the arrivals. With the Sign in his hand, which containing your name or the name you had provided in your booking.

What if I can not find the driver?

  • Go to the information point. Our drivers have instructions after one hour of waiting to go there and call you by name.
  • Call our support center at the number 00 386 40 805 761, where our assistent will help you quickly.

What if my flight is canceled or early?

  • Our assistents are monitoring all flights. If there is long time delay we recommend that you let us know. If you missed the plane, please immediately call our center 00 386 40 805 761.

Are there anymore additional costs?

  • The price includes the first hour of waiting. Each additional hour of waiting at the airport are charged according to the price list. Please check our general conditions.

Are your prices per vehicle or per person?

  • Prices are in the majority per vehicle. When you are booking, be careful to select the right car because of the number of passenger and luggage. Our company rarely shares the transport with other passengers, except the services for cruises.

What type of service do you perform?

  • A Taxi service. Let us know when and where you would like to go and we will drive you carefree to the desired destination. We have different types of cars and all trained and licensed drivers.

What kind of cars do you have?

  • We have vehicles like cars, vans, minibuses and buses.

In which area does your TAXI operate?

  • We cover an area of Slovenia, northern Balkan and central Europe. The most frequent destinations are airports like:Venice, Trieste, Ljubljana and others: Milan, Bergamo, Klagenfurt, Graz, Zagreb, Vienna, Munich and other tourist destinations.

Does your company have the license?

  • Yes, we have all the necessary licenses for transport of pasengers. Read the licences here.