Service: Bear Watching Duration: Half-day excursion No. People: 1 - 5 Location: Jurišče

  • Price per person: from €79 - €125
  • Options: Transportation from the starting point to the observatories. Professional guide
  • Additional charge: Taxi transport to the starting point of observation


  • Address: Juršče 47
  • Zip code: 6257
  • City: Pivka
  • Country: Slovenia

Choose us for the following benefits:

 The best chance to see a brown bear in Europe
 98% chance to see a bear in nature
 Leading qualified guides
 24 hour support
 Fixed price
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Bear Watching Jurišče

Bear Watching

  • Program:
  • A 18:00 Meeting with the guide, Juršče 47 6257 Pivka
  • 18:10 Brief presentation of instructions and departure to the observatories
  • 18:30 Bear watching
  • 21:00 ends at sunset.

 The prices below are for informational purposes, and the prices may not reflect the real situation. We will send you the exact price in the offer.

Number of people: Price for 1 person:
1person € 125
2 persons € 117,5
3 persons € 99,7
4  persons € 87
5  persons € 79
6  persons € 79
7  persons € 79

Bear watching JuriščeBear watching in natureBear watching

Watching bears in Juršče, in a village located in the immediate vicinity of Pivka, will conjure up a very special safari experience for you. We will offer you an excellent opportunity to observe nature and its diverse inhabitants in their natural environment.

At Juršče, which is located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, a guide will meet you and take you even higher into the surrounding hills. On the way to a carefully selected observation point, the guide will explain everything about the behavioral patterns of the animals in this area and advise you on how to behave, so that the observation itself will be as successful as possible. At the observatory at the selected location, you will observe the forest life until sunset.

Since it is an observation in the forest at higher altitudes, where the temperatures are usually lower than in the valley, we suggest that you are dressed in warm clothes made of non-effervescent material. The chance of encountering a bear on this tour is extremely high, up to 97%. If, despite the high probability, you do not meet the bear, we will return 50% of the paid amount.


    • Frequently Asked Questions:
    • Is it possible to meet a bear with this program?
    • Mandatory equipment is it?
      Hiking shoes, non-sweating warm clothes, camera and good mood.
    • Compensation?
      If the bear is not seen, 50% of the paid amount will be refunded.

Taxi transportation

We offer the possibility of transportation to the starting location of the tour.

By ordering taxi transport, you are entitled to:

  • 10% discount

How to order a taxi:

  • 1. Submit a request for Bear watching
  • 2. In the form mark I want a transport offer
  • 3. We will send you an offer with a price.

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