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Bear viewing in Slovenia:

The largest forest complex in central Europe consists in Slovenia from a Javorniski and the Snezniski forest together with a Croatian hills and the Trnovski forest. Therefore here in Slovenia we can see a bear and the most of wildlife in Europe.
In Slovenia is it posible to view and observe only the brown bears not a grizzly or a black bears. Bear watching tour is not a simple activity therefore the bear viewing requires a diligent preparation. Bear watching in the wild with us is safe and provides our guest with a complete security.
We will go deep into the forest where we meet an experienced professional and hunter. You will learn how to observe a brown bear in its natural habitat.
If you join us a unique expiriance with a full measure of satisfaction and a adrenaline rush waiting on you.

Observing bears in Slovenia is a unique experience. This is an exciting experience that the whole group will enjoy. We will visit the deep forest with our rough terrain vehicles. There we will meet an experienced hunter who will lecture us and teach us all about the bear watching and safety precautions.

Bear Safari tour info.

Bear watching is implemented by prior arrangement, and you need purchase a vucher. On Bear Safari tour for spotting a bear we use a monitoring stations accompanied by an experienced professional (hunter).
Season observation bears is from April to November. Max number of observers is five. A distance from bears is one to forty meters depending of luck.
In the extremely unlikely event that we don't see a brown bear you will get compesation. Meeting with the animal is 90%.

A Bear observation tour is not available from:

  • 10.09. - 05.10.
  • The above date is the date when a deer mating. In the meantime, visit the bears is not possible.
  • From November to April
  • Bears have rest at this time.
  • Duration: 2 - 4hour
  • Time: from 18:00 to 21:00
  • Where: Snežniško Javorniški forest
  • Gear: Sportswear a suitable footwear the camera and a good mood.

How to buy a Bear watching tour

To get the voucher for the bear watching tour fill out the inquiry form.
You may get us also through our general contact.

Price for the Bear watching

Visit the Bears in Loška Dolina


  • 1 person 140€
  • 2 persons 90€/person total: 180€
  • 3 persons 75€/person total: 225€

Compesation for a visit in Loška dolina
In the event that the bear is not visible, we will give you a 50% discount for the next visit. The discount is only valid for next tour in the area of Loška dolina.

Visit the Bears in the Ilirska Bistrica Snežnik and Pivka area

Snežnik Location

Pivka Location

  • 1 person 210€
  • 2 person 115€/person total: 230€
  • 3 person 94€/person total: 282€
  • 4 person 84€/person total:336€
  • 5 person 74€/person total: 370€

Compesation valid for a visit in the Ilirska Bistrica area
In the event that the bear is not visible, we will return half of the paid price.

Visit the Bears in the Postojna area

Postojna location

  • 1 person 150€
  • 2 person 90€/person total: 180€
  • 3 person 70€/person total: 210€

Compesation for a visit in Postojna
There is no compensation for Bear Watching Tour in the area of Postojna in the event that the bear is not visible.

Price including
  • VAT
  • Bear viewing slovenia
  • Professional Guidance
  • For professional photographer is there extra payment + 50 euros on person
  • Please inform us if you want eksklusive photography tour. We have special product for such event.
  • We also offer taxi transfer. If you interested for inquiry about transfer from Postojna to Juršče or to have a day tour let us know.