1 - 4
7 - 8 Hours
May - October

Bears in Slovenia

A Day tour

Day tour Bears in Slovenia offering you a special adventure in Slovenia nature. An experience with plenty of tourist presentations and of course the main attraction the brown Slovenian bear.

We invite you to yoin our experienced guides to follow brown bear trails and. We will prepare you a professional presentation of the brown bear a safety in the forest and proper behavior when we meet him. On this day tour we will go to the forest where we will see the plants, follow the animals and listen to interesting stories from the past. We will also familiarize ourselves with the past life of peasant and see the ethnographic collection of farm and forestry tools and household utensils from the past. After viewing the collection, we will refresh ourselves with a genuine homemade snack, which will include home-made welcome drink (refreshing or spirited drinks). Experienced guides will bring us to the high observation post, where we will watch the life in the forest for two to three hours and see the animal a Brown Bear.

Day tour info.

For day tour Bears in Slovenia you need purchase a vucher. To see a bear we use a treetop hunting hides wich enable safe watching and photos. You are accompanied by an experienced professional (hunter).
Season observation bears is from April to November. Max number of observers is four. A distance from bears is one to forty meters depending of luck.
In the extremely unlikely event that we don't see a brown bear you will get compesation. Meeting with the animal is 90%.

A Bear observation tour is not available from:

  • 10.09. - 05.10.
  • The above date is the date when a deer mating. In the meantime, visit the bears is not possible.
  • November to April
  • Bears have rest at this time.
  • Duration: 7 - 8hour
  • Time: from 14 to 21:00
  • Where: Loška dolina
  • Gear: Sportswear a suitable footwear the camera and a good mood.

How to buy tour

To get the voucher for the a Bears in Slovenia tour fill out the inquiry form.
You may get us also through our general contact.


Bears Slovenia tour in Loška Dolina


  • 1 person 200€
  • 2 persons 110€/person total: 220€
  • 3 persons 90€/person total: 270€
  • 2 persons 1 child (7 - 14 y.) 250€
  • 2 persons 2 child (7 - 14 y) 270€

Compesation for a visit to the Loška dolina
In the event that the bear is not visible, we will give you a 50% discount for the next visit.

Price including
  • VAT
  • Day tour Bears in Slovenia
  • Professional Guidance
  • For professional photographer is there extra payment + 50 euros on person
  • We also offer taxi transfer. If you interested for inquiry about transfer from Postojna to Juršče or to have a day tour let us know.