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Najem minibusa

Renting a VIP mini-bus and chauffeur

GREAT NEW MINI-BUS - Elisa Mayer (Stranka)

Verified Statement: Rating 5/5
On: 03 September 2022

" Our trip to Venice was truly unique and unforgettable, thanks to the excellent new VIP minibus and the exceptionally friendly and professional driver, Marco. He went above and beyond to make us comfortable, helped us with our luggage, and even took us to some of the most spectacular places in Venice. His guidance was very helpful. There is no doubt that we will choose this agency for our next trip. "

Najboljša cena za minibus garancija


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What does our minibus transmission cover?
  •  VIP minibus transports people with a driver for daily or multiple day rental.
  •  A standard minibus for classic transport with a driver for daily or multi-day rental.
  •  Minibus Taxi
What minibus do we have available?

The minibus rental service is intended for everyone who is looking for a luxurious and comfortable trip. We offer you a choice between VIP minibuses, which will provide you with the highest level of comfort, and standard minibuses, which have enough space for 8-20 passengers. Our teams of experienced and friendly drivers will satisfy most of your wishes and ensure a smooth, worry-free journey to your destination. We understand that details are important when traveling, so we will take you in superbly equipped, extremely comfortable vehicles. We are happy to invite you to take a look at our Mini-bus fleet to make sure of its quality and choose a minibus that will perfectly suit your needs.

Hire a Minibus and rent it for Slovenia transports 

VIP transport minibuses are intended for the most respected customers and people who deserve the best. By offering the luxury vehicles of the highest rank, we are here to provide you with a choice, according to your individual needs and wishes.

VIP Minibus 20 sedežnik, Mercedes - Benz Sprinter 519
Najem minibusa 20 sedežov
Minibus za VIP prevoze Mercedes Benz Sprinter 20 sedežni
Minibus za VIP prevoze Mercedes Benz Sprinter 20 sedežni
Najem minibusa

Mercedes - Benz Sprinter 519
VIP MINIBUS 20 chair chairman

I want a Mercedes minibus!

Class: luxury Tip: minibus no.Seats: 20 + 1

We are looking forward to introducing you to the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519. With this VIP 20+1 seat, which is equipped with all the necessary accessories and safety features for even demanding transportation.The new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519 is our pride, which will surely satisfy your performance, according to the luxury VIP Minibus transportation.

VIP luxury minibus equipment includes:

  • television
  • USB sockets for each passenger
  • A drink table
  • DDV-USB radio system
  • Adjustable passenger seats
  • air conditioning
  • microphone for guide
  • dimmed all glasses
  • automatic transmission
  • electric door
  • huge luggage compartment
  • an additional refrigerator
  • the rest .......

Luksuzno vozilo minibus
minibus 8 sedežni za VIP prevoze
najem minibusa
Vip prevozi minibus luksuzni Mercedes Benz

VIP Mercedes Sprinter luksuz
Luxury minibus 8 seat for VIP transport

I want a Mercedes minibus!

Class: luxury Tip: minibus no.Seats: 8 + 1

For the most prestigious VIP transport, we have decided to offer an extremely luxurious vehicle, the VIP Mercedes A Sprinter that will provide exceptional comfort for up to 8 lucky passengers. The minibus was specially designed and equipped so that passengers can enjoy an unforgettable travel experience experience.

Mercedes Sprinter is a luxury van and has a high level of comfort functions, such as comfortable seats, air conditioning, audio and video system and more. The interior of the vehicle is equipped with high-quality materials such as leather and wood and designed to provide comfort and elegance.

Mercedes Sprinter also has modern safety features such as airbags, braking and parking assistance system and others. The exterior of the vehicle is aerodynamic and elegant, with expressive lines and high-quality lights. In short, Mercedes The Sprinter is a luxury van or bus that combines functionality, comfort, safety and elegance in one one vehicle.

VIP luxury minibus equipment includes:

  • Video screen
  • Free WiFi after SLO
  • face to face
  • USB sockets for each passenger
  • conference tables
  • A high quality musical system
  • Adjustable passenger seats
  • leather upholstery
  • microphone for guide
  • dimmed all glasses
  • Double air conditioning
  • automatic transmission
  • electric door
  • huge luggage compartment
  • 2x extra refrigerator
  • ambient light
  • the rest .......
What is the price for renting a VIP minibus with a chauffeur?

Are you looking for a minibus for daily rental and are you interested in the specific current price of transportation? You can get the answer to this by sending a request for minibus rental on our website. If you want to know the price for taxi transport right now, we invite you to use our application for Taxi order with minibus. At the bottom of the page, you can also see our price list, which will help you plan your trip.

Our prices are competitive and tailored to your needs. To find out the exact price for renting a minibus with the driver, contact us with demand. We will be happy to send you an offer with a reasonable price that will meet your needs. At the bottom of our blog, you can also see our informative price list that will give you the basis for your prices.The fixed price for daily or multi -day rent depends on the number of days of driving and the number of miles. The price for taxi transport is charged per kilometer and the system gives you immediately based on your data, and in some cases we can offer additional benefits.

Are our minibus drivers of good quality?

Our drivers are professionally trained and speak fluent English, providing smooth communication and comfortable travel.In addition, if you like, you can also order experienced tourist guides to help you discover new destinations and unforgettable experiences.

We are a travel agency and our job is to offer the best possible experience to visitors.Non -carcasses are also licensed tourist guides who will be happy to present the charms of our beautiful country.While you relax and enjoy new environments, drivers, guides will provide interesting transportation and your safety. They will be happy to share with you useful information that will make your trip even more unforgettable.

How to contact us?

You can contact us in many ways to book your next trip. You can fill out our simple booking form, contact us via email, or call us by phone. We are here at any time to help and provide the best service possible.

Contacting us is easy and accessible 12/7. For all questions, you can call us by phone number: +386 40 805 761, or send us an email to the address Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you need additional help, we are also available via our live chat support, available on our website tuamv.com.

What are KOVID and other measures in the case of a pandemic?

Our drivers are obliged to comply with all statutory measures to provide a safe trip for all passengers.

Passenger safety is our highest priority. There is an effective disinfectant in each vehicle, and we follow all recommendations for a safe distance between passengers. Drivers pay attention to all signs of respiratory infections and, in the case of fever, perform compulsory statutory tests. Only when the test result shows negativity can they do their job to provide the highest safety standards.

Where do we provide our service?

TuamV is famous for its excellent services in Slovenia and nearby countries. We are here to provide quality, safe and comfortable transportation to your liking. Try us and experience an unforgettable ride through the beautiful Slovenian and adjacent areas!.

We provide luxury VIP transport across Slovenia, as well as international transport throughout the European Union and beyond, while maintaining a high level of service. If your journey starts or ends in Slovenia, we are here to offer you a comfortable and prestigious transportation.

Why hire a minibus with a driver?

Renting a minibus with a driver is an ideal solution for a variety of trips, such as excursions, fairs, business meetings, weddings or business transportation for a larger group of passengers. With our experienced driver and comfortable minibuses, you will be able to enjoy a high quality service and a relaxed trip

Whether you need transportation for a large or smaller group of people, we are here to help you. You can choose from our 19+1+1 seats that can accommodate up to 20 passengers and our luxury minibuses for VIP transport for up to 8 people. Order a minibus with a driver and no longer worry about different road obstacles, leave it to our tested team.

Opinions on VIP minibus lease

Extremely reliable and safe transportation

Peaceful Kovac(Stranka)

Verified Statement: Rating 5/5
On: 02 May 2018

Great experience with TUAMV!It is really amazing when ordered transportation proves to be such professional and satisfactory.Their transportation is effectively organized and have a reliable driver who can adapt to any situation. It always comes exactly at the agreed time, even in the case of congestion on the highway or on the way to us.

New Minbus, a professional service

Gorazd Mislej (Customer)

Verified statement: Rating 5/5
Date: 03 September 2019

" Their minibuses and vehicles are new, luxurious, always clean and perfectly equipped.As a tourist guide, I need a good microphone and quality sound, that is, for granted with this agency.The TAVV Tourist Agency's taxi service is at the level.I highly recommend. ”

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Price list for rent a Mini-bus

The price list is informative, because uncertain market conditions, prices may not reflect the real situation. We agree on the exact price with the customer, before completed transportation. Please send us an inquiry for a price tailored to your requirements.

For the current realistic price of a daily or multi-day trip, please submit inquiry
During the main season (April, May, June, September, October) for a minibus with a driver, the listed prices are increased by 15%.

Vehicle PRICE
Minibus standard - 20 seat of 250 eur / day
Minibus VIP - 20 seat of 350 eur / day
Minibus VIP Lux - 8 seat of 820 eur / day
Driver to max.14 hours/day (enter for an additional driver or additional hours in the query form)
Also optional rental minibus from 3 - 14 hours
The price is included up to 200 km / day
Value added tax (VAT)
Price does not include
There are no tolls, parking, ferries, bus and other items dependent on your program in the prices above