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Bicycle taxi is a service that offers the transportation of bicycles with a bicycle trailer. It is intended for cyclists who want to safely and easily transport their bicycles to their desired destination. It is ideal for those who want to go on cycling trips to distant places, competitions or need to transport their bike for service.

Taxi for cyclists and bicycles also offers additional protection for bicycles during transport, as they are usually secured in the trailer. The vehicle is equipped with appropriate safety devices and is suitable for transporting bicycles of all sizes and types.

This enables easy and comfortable driving without worrying about the bikes and their safety. The service provides comfortable and safe transport for both the cyclist and his bike.

We are one of the most affordable companies and we also offer bike transport to neighboring countries, Italy and Austria.

What are the vehicles and trailers for bicycle taxi transport?
  • For bicycle taxis, we use dedicated trailers that ensure that the bicycles remain undamaged during transport. We have bicycle trailers designed to transport 8 and 16 bicycles. More information about the Trailers in our fleet
  • The vehicles use a towing hitch for trailers and these are vans for classic bicycle transport, as well as minibuses for a larger number of cyclists. We invite you to view the minibuses in the description of Minibus rental.

Trailers for Taxi bikes

Transportation of bicycles and cyclists
Bicycle trailer
Transport of bicycles
Trailer for 16 bycicles

I want to rent a trailer!

Class: Standard Type: Trailers no. cycles: 8 and 16

In this transport, cyclists travel comfortably in a van, while their bikes are safely loaded in a specially designed trailer. The trailers are equipped with appropriate safety devices and are suitable for transporting bicycles of all sizes and types. We ensure a safe and comfortable journey for both cyclists and their bikes.


  • Suitable for a large number of people
  • Fixed price upon request
  • Possibility to insure bicycles during transport


We use the following types of vehicles for the transport of bicycles and cyclists:

Van vehicle: Unlike other providers, we do not use special bike racks for this taxi service. We put the wheels in the trunk of the vehicle and cover them with foam.

  • Suitable for transporting a maximum of four people with wheels in the vehicle
  • The wheels are secured in the vehicle against the effects of the weather during transport.
  • The wheels are covered with foam and thus protected from damage.

Find out more about renting a van with a driver!

Transportation of bicycles by minibus: We use a minibus with a trailer to transport the bicycles of a large number of cyclists.

  • Suitable for a maximum of sixteen riders
  • The bikes are in the trailer.
  • Bicycles protected from damage with belts.

Find out more about renting a minibus with a driver!

Request for taxi transport of bicycles!

How to contact us?

You can easily contact us via the reservation form, email or phone.

Tel: +386 40 805 761, Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For any additional questions, we can also be reached via our 24/7 live support available on our website tuamv.com.

What are the Covid and other measures in case of a pandemic?

All our drivers strictly comply with all statutory measures.

There is a disinfectant in each of our vehicles, the safety distance is taken into account. In the event of an elevated body temperature and signs of a respiratory infection (cough, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath), our drivers take a mandatory test and only perform the test if the result is negative.

Where do we perform our service?

Our company operates in Slovenia and neighboring countries.

We transport bicycles throughout Slovenia, we also offer international transport throughout the European Union and outside it, if the starting or final location of the trip is in Slovenia.

Opinions about the taxi bike service

Bicycle transport from Kranjska Gora to Piran

Miha Pregelj (Stranka)

Preverjena izjava: Ocena 5/5
Dne: 02 maj 2016

I am very satisfied with the service of this TuamV taxi agency. The wheels were delivered without any scratches and were well attached to the trailer, ensuring their safety during transport. The transport went without any problems, and the riders were satisfied with the comfort in the van. I recommend this service to anyone looking for safe and comfortable transportation of their bikes.

Our reviews are great, 5/5 Check them out:

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Transportation of bicycles by public transport

You can also transport bicycles in Slovenia by public transport. Trains and some buses offer you this option.

By bike to the train: Slovenian Railways offers you one of the cheapest transports. Described in their words as follows: What could be better than going on a trip to nature on a beautiful sunny day by bicycle - to the other end of Slovenia. How to get there? By train - then hop on a bike. Only accompanied bicycles can be transported by train. The passenger must travel on the same train as the bicycle, and hand over no more than one bicycle during transportation. The passenger loads the bike himself, looks after it during transport and also unloads it himself. More at: Slovenian railways, bicycles.

By bike to the bus: Currently, one of the few bus companies that offers bike transport is Arriva. Summary: From now on, bicycles can also be used on the route Maribor-Ruše-Lovrenc na Pohorje. The company Arriva Štajerska installed special bike carriers on the buses on the line, which allow passengers to place their bikes on the bus at each entry station. More at: Arriva website.