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Najem minibusa

Verified Statement: Rating 5/5
On: 04 november 2018

Renting a VIP van

ZRC SAZU - (Karst Research Institute)

We are extremely pleased with the services of the TAMV Transport Agency.Their responsiveness at our requests were extremely fast, and the offer was also very good at the price.The drivers were very accurate and friendly, which is of utmost importance for us as a public organization.We can be happy to evaluate the services of TUVV as professional and effective.

Najboljša cena za minibus garancija


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+386 40 805 761
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Exclusive VIP vans of the highest rank and excellent transportation with standard vans

Want to experience a luxury with a VIP van?
Options are limited, order now!
What does our offer of renting a van with the driver covers?
  • VIP luxury van taxi transports people with driver for daily or multi-day rental.
  • Standard van taxi transports people.
  • Taxi van transport
Which vans of the vehicle do we have available?

For safe and comfortable travel, we offer luxury VIP vans and a standard van.Our vehicles provide enough space for 1 to 8 passengers.We are pleased to present our fleet of vans described in this blog.Read more and see our diverse offer of renting a van with the driver.

VIP Passenger Van Transport

VIP vans that are suitable for important transportation.Please see our range of luxury vans.

Najem kombija za prevoze
Vip kombi prevozi
Najem kombija z voznikom
Kombi prevoz z voznikom VIP

Mercedes - Benz Viano

VIP van 6 seater

I want you a Mercedes viano!

Class: luxury Type: a van No.Seats: 6 + 1 Mark: Mercedes-Benz Viano

Transportation for maximum comfort with the luxury Mercedes Vianot. When you want to pamper yourself with close friends, this is the right vehicle for you.
Mercedes-Benz Viano is a combination of luxury and functionality. This 7-seater is equipped with many comfort features such as air conditioning and audio system. The interior is made of high-quality materials and ensures comfort for every passenger. The exterior of the Viana is aerodynamic and elegant with expressive lines and quality lights. The vehicle is equipped with powerful safety features such as airbags, parking assistant and brake assist system. All this makes the Mercedes-Benz Viano an ideal vehicle for trips that require comfort and prestige.

VIP luxury van Equipment includes:

  • USB sockets
  • A drink table
  • DDV-USB radio system
  • Adjustable passenger seats
  • air conditioning
  • A guide microphone
  • dimmed all glasses
  • automatic transmission
  • huge luggage compartment
  • an additional refrigerator
  • the rest .......
Luksuzno vozilo minibus
minibus 8 sedežni za VIP prevoze
najem minibusa
Vip prevozi minibus luksuzni Mercedes Benz

VIP Mercedes Sprinter luksuz

Luxury vehicle 8 seat for VIP transport

I want a Mercedes minibus!

Class: luxury Tip: minibus No.Seats: 8 + 1 Mark: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Za najbolj prestižne VIP prevoze smo se odločili ponuditi izjemno luksuzno vozilo, VIP Mercedes Sprinter, ki bo zagotavljalo izjemno udobje do 8 srečnih potnikov. Minibus je bil posebej zasnovan in opremljen, tako da bodo potniki lahko uživali v nepozabnem potovalnem doživetju.

Mercedes Sprinter je luksuzni kombi in  ima visok nivo komfortskih funkcij, kot so udobni sedeži, klimatska naprava, avdio in video sistem in drugo. Notranjost vozila je opremljena z visokokakovostnimi materiali, kot so usnje in les, in je zasnovana za zagotavljanje udobja in elegancije.

Mercedes Sprinter ima tudi sodobne varnostne funkcije, kot so zračne varnostne blazine, sistem za pomoč pri zaviranju in parkiranju ter drugi. Zunanjost vozila je aerodinamična in elegantna, z izrazitimi linijami in visokokakovostnimi lučmi. Skratka, Mercedes Sprinter je luksuzni kombi ali avtobus, ki združuje funkcionalnost, udobje, varnost in eleganco v enem vozilu.

VIP luxury minibus Equipment includes:

  • Video screen
  • Free WiFi after SLO
  • face to face
  • USB sockets for each passenger
  • conference tables
  • A high quality musical system
  • Adjustable passenger seats
  • leather upholstery
  • Microphone for a guide
  • dimmed all glasses
  • Double air conditioning
  • automatic transmission
  • electric door
  • huge luggage compartment
  • 2x additional refrigerator
  • ambient lighting
  • the rest .......
VIP Kombi prevoz z voznikom
Najem VIP Kombi Vito
Najem VIP Kombi Vito
VIP prevoz najem kombija

Mercedes - Benz Vito

VIP van 8 passengers

Renting VIP van Vito!

Class: luxury Type: a van No.Seats: 8 + 1 Znamka: Mercedes-Benz Vito

Mercedes-Benz Vito is a functional and versatile van that offers a lot of space for passengers and luggage.This 7-seat car is equipped with many practical features such as, an audio system and air conditioning.The interior is easy to operate, with plenty of storage space.The exterior Vita is designed for effective aerodynamics and provides easy parking.The vehicle is equipped with powerful safety features such as airbags and braking and parking systems.Mercedes-Benz Vito is the ideal vehicle for business and family users.

VIP Luxury Vitot Equipment includes:

  • USB sockets
  • Audio and video Equipment
  • Adjustable passenger seats
  • Divided automatic climate and heating
  • dimmed all glasses
  • Increased luggage compartment
  • Additional storage areas
  • the rest .......
Kombi prevoz z voznikom
Kombi prevoz najem
Izposoja kombija
Kombi izposoja
Najem kombija z voznikom

Renault Trafic kombi

Van for 8 + 1 seats

I want you Renault Traffic!

Class: Standard Type: a van No.Seats: 8 + 1 Mark: Renault

Renault Trafic is a van model produced by the French company Renault.It is designed to carry passengers and is synonymous with efficiency, performance and comfort.The car is also equipped with modern safety features such as, safety airbags, braking and parking system, and others.Renault Trafic also has comfortable seats that are equipped with seat belts, has air conditioning, audio system and other comfort Equipment.In short, Trafic is a powerful, efficient and comfortable van for traveling passengers.

Equipment includes:

  • Dual climate
  • music system
  • Suede upholstery
  • the dipped glass
  • ambient lighting
  • the rest .......
What is the price for a driver transportation van?

Inquiry for van rental with driver!
To get a daily van rental offer, send an inquiry here. To get the price of taxi transport with a van, visit taxi transport. The price -list at the bottom of the page can also help you.

We offer excellent competitive prices.To learn more about how much it costs a VIP van with the driver, fill out the request form and we will send you an offer with a reasonable price tailored to your requirements.There is also an informative price list at the bottom of the blog that can give you the basis for your price.The cost of transportation for daily and more daily rental is fixed according to the number of days of driving, and the number of miles.The price for Taxi is counted per kilometer, the system gives you immediately according to your information is more favorable in certain cases.

Quality of a van driver?

All our drivers are English -speaking and tested.You also have the opportunity to order tourist guides.

Read more about drivers.

We are basically a travel agency and drivers can also be tourist guides with an appropriate license.They can tell you a lot of useful information about our beautiful country.While they provide quality transportation, you can explore your surroundings relaxed!

How to contact us?

You can easily contact us through a booking form, email or phone.

Read more.

Tel: +386 40 805 761, Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Za vsa dodatna vprašanja smo dosegljivi tudi preko naše 24/7 urne podpore v živo, dostopne na naši spletni strani tuamv.com.

What are KOVID and other measures in the case of a pandemic?

All our drivers, consistently comply with all statutory measures.

Read more about actions.

There is a disinfectant in each of our vehicles, the safety distance is taken into account.In the case of fever and signs of respiratory infection (nasal, throat pain, cough, shortness of breath), our drivers perform a mandatory test and can only perform transport services in the event of a negative car.

Where do we provide our service?

Our company operates in Slovenia and neighboring countries.

Read more.

We carry out VIP transports across Slovenia, and we also offer international transports throughout the European Union and outside the European Union, if it is an initial or final location of a trip in Slovenia.

Transfer people with a van of general information?

Transports of people with a van are suitable for transporting more up to 8 people ...

Read more.

Tak prevoz je priljubljen tako pri mladih kot pri starejših, saj se odlikuje po nizki ceni kot tudi nudi varnost in brezkrbnost na cesti. Možen je tudi najem kombija z voznikom, vlečno kljuko in prikolico. Ker vsi naši kombiji nimajo vlečne kljuke, je nujno da nam sporočite to zahtevo v naprej, če želite najeti kombi z vlečno kljuko in prikolico. Prosimo, da to napišete v naš obrazec z najem kombija z voznikom. Možen je seveda tudi najem samo kombija z vlečno kljuko.

Opinions about hiring a VIP van

Verified Statement: Rating 5/5
On: 02 januar 2018

Gorgeous a vans

Remec Tomaž (Stranka)

I have never had the opportunity to travel in such an elegant and luxury van that has all the comfortable features such as tables and other accessories.While driving, I felt like a real VIP, as if I was part of the movie.Undoubtedly, I can evaluate transportation with TUAMV as a truly unforgettable and unique experience.

Verified Statement: Rating 5/5
On: 13 september 2019

A van like a chic

Petra Marinšek (party)

The driver was extremely hospitable and was the greatest pleasure for us.As we stepped into a pure black van, we were waiting for a new and beautifully designed interior.Undoubtedly, we can claim that this experience was completely worth the price and that we were impressed by TUAMV services.

Our ratings are great, 5/5 View them:

Price List for a van of transportation

The price list is informative, due to uncertain market conditions, the prices may not reflect the real situation. We agree on the exact price with the customer before the transport is carried out. Please send us an inquiry for a price tailored to your requirements.

For the current realistic daily price or a multi-day trip, please submit an inquiry
During the main season (April, May, June, September, October) for a van with a driver, the listed prices are increased by 15%.

Vehicle PRICE
Van standard - 8 seat of 160 eur / day
VIP van - 8 seat of 229 eur / day
Minibus VIP Lux - 8 seat of 820 eur / day
Driver up to max. 14 hours/day (for an additional driver or additional hours, write in the inquiry form)
It is also possible to rent a minibus by the hour from 3 to 14 hours
The price is included up to 200 km / day
Value added tax (VAT)
Price does not include
The prices above do not include tolls, parking fees, ferries, bus fees and other items depending on your program