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Slovenian Wine Regions for Turs and wine tasting

Wine tours of Slovene Littoral

Slovene Littoral Wine Regions

Wine Tours of Slovene Littoral

Wine Tourism of Littoral Region

Littoral wine region is is a prime example and an opportunity for Slovenian wine tourism. Wine and related activities have become important part of the coastal tourist offer.

We invite you to choose in Slovenia Littoral wine region one of our: Wine Tours. Or to see our offer of Wine Tasting for this region.

The Slovene Littoral.
Slovene Littoral Region has a mild Mediterranean climate with hot summers, a little bit of rain and almost no snow during the winter. The weather that is typical for this region is also one of reasons for such a complexity and strong aroma of the wines. We have to admit that the wines from Primorska Region are really diverse, if you compare wines from one district to another. Nevertheless there are some characteristics that all the wines of Primorska Region have more or less in common. They are all mostly dry and that their degree of alcohol is higher and the degrees of acidity lower than usually. The biggest influence on the trends of the Valley came from the Italy and that is why it was and it most likely still is the most developed wine region in Slovenia. We can feel the influence of Italian trends in the designs of old labels. We can also thank to Italy that Primorska, more specifically vineries in Goriška Brda were the first ones that considered young wines as a selling sub-category in Slovenia. Primorska Region is today home of the best red wines in Slovenia. Besides from the standard red and white wines we can also find orange wines in this region which represent a new challenge for today’s wine makers.

List of Slovenian wines in the wine-growing region of Primorska

The wine-growing region of Primorska
The Primorska Wine Region is located in the west part of the Slovenia and it is comprised of four districts called Vipava Valley, Goriška Brda, Karst and Slovenian Istria. It has surface of 8000 hectares with the lowest point at the sea level and the highest around 400 meters above the sea level. The soil of Primorsga Region is out of flysch and dolomitic limestone depending on the exact district. The Tera Rossa for example is a specific soil that has been developed from dolomitic limestone in district Karst and is one of the main reasons for the specific character of the wines made in that area.

Degustacije vin v vipavski dolini
Vipava Valley

Vipava Valley Tourist offer

Winestronaut, Faladur Winery, Wajdužna Agency, Lepa Vida Wine Cellar and us TuamV are the enthusiasts of the Vipava Valley. These are some of the young Vipava enthusiasts who put the Vipava Valley on the map of wine tourism. Winemakers in the Vipava Valley are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of welcoming guests to specially designed wine tasting rooms where they can offer guests an authentic experience and present their story and wines. Read more about Vipava Valley here

Take a look at the wine tasting offer in the Vipava Valley

Vinorodni okoliš Vipavska dolina
Vipava Valley is second biggest wine district in Slovenia. It is placed between Trnovo plateau on the north and Karst plateau on the south. There is Nanos hill on the east and Friuli Plain and Adriatic Sea on the west. Valley used to be a sea bay in the past what we can clearly see, if we analyze the soil of the area. The soil has developed from flysch and sendstone and as such is one of the most appropriate soils for winemaking. Vipava Valley as all the other districts of Primorska Region has a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild winters. Even thou it is a valley it is famous as a windy region. The area is known for strong Bora wind that can reach the speed of 200 km/h. An interesting fact about the wind is that it never hurts the vines but it even makes them stronger.

Wines of Vipava Valley
The Vipava Valley is known for its high quality white and red wines that are fresh, drinkableand they have fruity aroma. Here you will find some classical wines as Merlot and Rebula and also quite a few indigenous wines. The most famous Vipava’s indigenous wines are probably Zelen and Pinela. The indigenous vines were mentioned already in 1844 by local priest Matija Vetrovec who wrote a manual about winemaking. Today the biggest grapevine nursery in Slovenia which is located in the vicinity of Vipava and which has started with its work already in the year of 1905 is playing a big role in preservation of old vine varieties.

Vipava Valley Wine Tasting

Vipava Valley Wine Tasting

The tastings of excellent wines in the Vipava Valley are distinguished by their exceptional quality. The wineries in the Vipava Valley are extremely diverse, as are the various wines in Vipava. We invite you to choose your Wine Cellar below for this unique wine tasting experience.