Wine tasting
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Welcome at Guerila Estate, Wine tasting Vipava Walley  Slovenia

Slovenian winery Guerila Wines

Cost per person:
Platinum menu
Price Includes:
includes VAT
Number of wines:
8 (sparkling, white, rose, red, aged wines)
Home made dried meet and cheese platters with freshly baked bread
Visit the cellar and learn about production of biodynamic wines
Extra payment:
There is possibility of hosting bigger groups, conferences and of booking accommodations.

Wine tasting of biodynamic wines of high quality in combination with a delicious snack

Guerila wines are a reflection of biodynamic cultivation and the Vipava wine cellar tradition.

My name is Zmagoslav Petrič. Guerila is a product of my ideas, dreams, aspirations and stubbornness. Based on my own research, I selected the best spots and planted vineyards using local varieties. I have built a modern wine cellar. My idea of winegrowing is firmly rooted in my utmost respect for nature. I believe that authentic wine is truly born in the vineyard and then it merely ripens to perfection in the cellar. Perfect ecosystems only exist in nature where humans cooperate with nature. The key to life is in harmony and balance; to this end, we uphold biodynamic principles both in the vineyard and in the cellar. The soil of our vineyards is modest. It is a mixture of sand, sandstone, marl, limestone and clay from the Eocene Epoch. The decomposition of marl results in clay particles rich in mineral substances. All the vineyards are terraced and the single Guyot cultivation method is used in all of them. When pruning, we take care not to make excessive cuts to the vines, thus enabling the flow of internal juices of the vines and preserving their vitality. With the use of biodynamic preparations in the vineyards, we introduce and spread microflora, connect the plants with cosmic forces and develop and boost the immunity our own organisms. Tasks in the vineyards are carried out, if possible, in accordance with the natural cycles of the biodynamic calendar. We harvest the grapes for our wines ourselves. Grape picking is done manually and, whenever possible, on the blossoming day or the fruiting day. We wait for the grapes to fully mature, as healthy and mature grapes are a prerequisite for biodynamic cellaring. Fermentation is exclusively spontaneous, as is biological de-acidification. We bottle without filtration. All tasks in the cellar are performed in accordance with the biodynamic calendar. The modern facility extends over four levels. The first and second floors are intended for tourism activities, while the lower two house a modern wine cellar. The tourism and catering facilities include a wine bar, a tasting section, a large multifunctional conference hall, a professional kitchen, two large terraces, and three modern apartments. We offer wine cellar tours and wine tastings, events for closed groups, conferences, as well as various catering and accommodation options.

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