Wine tasting
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Štokelj Wines - wine tasting in Štokelj winery, Vipava Walley , Slovenia

Slovenian winery Štokelj Wines

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Platinium menu
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6 (fresh, sweet and aged wines)
Delicious home made snack
Visit the wine cellar, dod the wine tasting in the vineyards, explore the village

Wine tasting of high quality wines at Štokelj Estate in Slovenia

“With respect for Slovenian tradition and our land we are creating modern wines which have a specific Vipava-like taste.”

Marled terraces of Vipava’s hills in Slovenia are being caressed by the Sun and brushed by the strong Bora wind in combination which creates superb conditions for growing vines. The southern part of Vipava Valley has always been known for indigenous varieties of vines that have adapted to the unique weather conditions of the valley. This is also why we at Štokelj Estate continue the tradition of growing indigenous vines. We highly value the indigenous grape variety called Pinela and that is why we would like it to be our legacy for future generations. Besides Pinela, we also grow Merlot and Barbera – especially there where the soil is richer in nutrients. We use Merlot from younger vineyards to produce wonderful rosé and we use the one that grows in old vineyards for producing wine called Planta which is aged in old wooden barrels. The name Planta comes from the word “planta” which means that the vines of Merlot are growing alternately next to the vines of Barbera. Besides from all vines above we are also growing Rebula (Ribolla). Rebula is probably the most common white vine in Vipava Valley. From this variety we are producing many diverse wines such as Fresh Rebula, Rebula aged in barrique barrels called White Planta and sweet Rebula called Ambrosio. Sweet Rebula is made from grapes that have been dried for months by Bora wind which is also what creates this extra sweetness that we can taste in Ambrosio

Winery Štokelj