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Our offer:

  • Minibus to hire with the driver by the hour a day or more days in Slovenia.
  • Minibus Taxi to book from one destination to another

What is a Minibus?
For us a minibus means a small bus vehicle usually for 8-20 passengers which is mostly used for short distance transfers.

What kind of drivers do we offer?
All of our drivers are English speaking drivers and most of them are also tourist guides, since we are travel agency. They can provide you with a lot of useful information and help you plan your sightseeing itinerary through our beautiful country. Explore Slovenia in a relax way while we are taking care of your transfers!

What minibuses do we have?
Types of our minibuses is explained further in this blog post.
To see all our vehicles please visit our vehicle fleet

Where can I hire minibus with the driver?
You can hire minibus via the Inquiry form here on this website.
Our company operates nationwide in the country of Slovenia and its neighboring countries. In Slovenia besides the routes through Slovenia we are also offering international routes, if the starting or ending point is in Slovenia.

Private Minibus hire prices?
We are offering an excellent service at low costs minibus to hire prices. If you would like to know more about how much does it costs to rent a minibus with a driver fill in the Inquiry form and we will send you a quote with a reasonable price. For any additional questions please contact us we provide support assistance 24/7 on our support number.


Besides hiring a minibus with a driver for a full day or hourly rental we also offering to book a Minibus Taxi which will take to the chosen destination. If you are a big group that is travelling together, you will get more affordable price, if you will choose our Minibus Taxi.


Our minibus vehicle fleet provides you with vehicles that have enough space for 8-20 passengers including 1 or more drivers who will provide you with a smooth and careful driving to your favorite destination.

20 Seater for hire, Mercedes - Benz Sprinter 519
20 Seater minibus for hire, Mercedes - Benz Sprinter 519
More pictures of 20 seater minibus
Class: Luxury | Vehicle: Minibus | No. seats: 20 + 1

With these 20 + 1 seats minibuses we have successfully covered a demand for 20 passengers plus one driver. We have just got in our fleet of the 20 seater buses a brand new minibus which we proudly present: the Mercedes - Benz Sprinter 519
16 Seater minibus for hire, Peugeot Boxer
16 Seater minibus for hire, Peugeot Boxer
More pictures of 16 seater minibus
Class: Standard | Vehicle: Minibus | No. seats: 16 + 1

Our 17 or 16 + 1 seater is at the moment a cozy Peugeot Boxer that will provide you with a comfortable travelling for 16 passengers plus 1 driver. This minibus does not have a lot of space for additional luggage that is why we suggest you that you choose an option with a special trailer for luggage in case of luggage transfer.
8 Seater minibus for hire a Renault Traffic
8 Seater minibus for hire a Renault Traffic
More pictures of 8 seater minibus
Class: Standard | Vehicle: Minibus / Van | No. seats: 8 + 1

The smallest in our minibus fleet is this 8+1 seater Renault Traffic which is always younger than 5 years and can provide you with a comfortable transfer of 8 passengers and 1 driver. The version of our Renault Traffics is the prolonged one and that is why they have enough space for 1 big and 1 small luggage per person. People often ask to hire 8 seater instead of 9 seater. Most of our Renault Traffics are 9 seaters which means that there is enough space for 8 passengers and 1 driver. If you're wondering how long is the 9 seater? We can tell you that ours is 5399 mm long which is more or less as long as most common 4999 mm 8 seater. The only difference is that there is a place for two passengers in the first row of the vehicle instead of one. To read more about vanminibus please visit our Van Taxi Service
Class: Luxury | Vehicle: Minibus / Van | No. seats: 7 + 1

Besides the standard option we are also offering a Luxury minibus to hire. We are offering a small luxurious Mercedes-Benz V-Class for extra comfortable travelling of 7 passengers. Luxury Citroen Jumper is also a special upgrade of standard minibus especially suitable for bands on tours or wine tours. If you want to travel in style with vip minibus, then you simply must try our service.

Demand for 17 SEATER and 9 SEATER minibuses is the highest. Besides for that we get a lot of inquiries for hiring 18 SEATERS and 21 SEATERS as well. No matter how many passengers there is we will always find a way to bring you safely to your chosen destination. If you would like to book a transfer or if you would like to hire a driver with a vehicle for a bigger group or Luxury Vip Minibus, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer with reasonable quote and excellent service.

Minibus Taxi Airport Transfers

Minibus Taxi Airport Transfers Service provided by us from the all the airports close to Slovenia, such as Treviso Airport, Venice Airport, Ljubljana Airport, and all the others. We don't use shuttles for Minibus Taxi from the Airports but we can have even better price than they have, if the minibus is full

If you want to go on a selected event with your friends and keep a peace of mind about your ride, than we are the perfect local Minibus rental provider for you. We are also offering affordable bus transfers for larger groups at any occasion. Join us on board to get a carefree, safe and comfortable travelling experience

Hire a minibus with driver
Miran Kovač
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We have positive experience

Ratings: 5/5
Booked minibus arrive precisely at the time agreed even there was the case of congestion on the highway on the way to us. The driver is respestcing all our wishes and was extremely professional. We have positive experience with this company and their service.

Minibus taxi
Gorazd Mislej
(Regular customer)
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I recommend

Ratings: 5/5
Their minibuses and vehicles are new, always clean and well equipped. As a tourist guide I need a good microphone and high quality sound system, this is self-evident with this agency. The TuamV taxi service is a level above their's competitiors. I recommend.

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