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Hire a charter minibus with a driver in Slovenia. If you are a family, group of friends or travel agent looking to rent a minibus or charter tour bus with a driver for your private multi day tour, we have all your transportation needs covered.
Join us on board to get a carefree, safe and comfortable travelling experience.


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Get online minibus rental in Slovenia for the best price is possible

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Hire a minibus - review
Elisa Mayer (Customer)
Verified statement


Ocena: 5/5
We travel to Venice in a great new minibus which we rent and driver was very professional. Marko, our driver really take care for us, he helped us with our luggage give us our desired music and he tell us a lot of useful information about Venice. Definitely we will choose this company again for our next trip .

Our Minibus rental Service:


    Minibus rental for tours reliable and trusted by hundreds of travelers and organizations. We offer great minibus rental and transfers throughout Ljubljana, Slovenia and Europe.
    Are you in charge of organizing a tour or trip? Our small charter minibus selection is one of the best. Please follow this link If you are interested in our vehicle-fleet


    Hire a Minibuses for events and private transfers in Ljubljana, Slovenia or in neighbours countries. This first-class minibus vehicles, are meant for the private transfers of the most demanding clients. They are both luxurious and prestiges. Read more information about Hire a minibus for private transfer here.

  • MINIBUS TAXI SERVICE Book a Taxi application

    Taxi application will give you fixed price right away without waiting on our quote.
    Minibus Taxi Airport Transfers Service provided is by us from the all the airports close to Slovenia, such as Treviso Airport, Venice Airport, Ljubljana Airport, and all the others. We don't use shuttles for Minibus Taxi from the Airports but If you are a big group that is travelling together, you will get more affordable price, if you will choose our Minibus Taxi than other shuttles.

What is a Minibus in Slovenia?
For us a minibus means a type of vehicle such is a small bus or a Van usually used for transport of 8-20 passengers.

This blog is all about Minibus rental up to twenty passengers If you want to read information about hire a bigger buses with 50 seat or coaches please visit Bus Rental Slovenia

How to rent a minibus in Slovenia?
Inquiry for minibus! Minibus taxi service!
You can request quote for rent minibus via the Inquiry form here on this website. For Minibus Taxi visit the taxi form.

Please request a quote by filling the form here. You do not have to have a full detailed itinerary at this stage. However, we need at least the following information, so we can give you approximate cost of the bus hire:

  • Your travelling dates or number of days of bus rental.
  • Where you would like to start your tour.
  • Where would you like to end your tour.
  • Tentative day to day plan.
  • The size of your group or size of the rental bus requested.

Price for minibus rental?
Once we receive the sufficient information about your plans, we will prepare a price quotation for you. At the end of blog post we have also price list to give you basic price overlook.

We are offering an excellent service at low costs for minibus to hire. Just fill in the Inquiry form and we will send you a quote with a reasonable price. We provide quotes with price all inclusive unless otherwise requested. We include parking charges, drivers meals and accommodation in the estimate. You do not have to worry about any of this and just enjoy your tour For any additional questions please contact us we provide support assistance 24/7 on our support number.

payment methods?
All mayor Credit Cards, Stripe, Paypal and via Bank transfer.

Our Fleet?
Our minibus vehicle fleet provides you with a selection of minivans, minibuses and mini coaches for hire to accommodate groups up to 20 passengers. See our our vehicle-fleet

Our drivers?
Most of them are licensed tourist guides and all are experienced and friendly English speaking tour drivers.

All of our drivers are experienced and friendly English speaking tour drivers and most of them are also licensed tourist guides, since we are travel agency. They can provide you with a lot of useful information and help you plan your sightseeing itinerary through our beautiful country. Explore Slovenia in a relax way while we are taking care of your transfers!

Preparing for your arrival?
If you will accept our offer, we will start preparing for your arrival.

We will give you continuous support in planning and fine-tuning your itinerary until the beginning of your tour. Some of the arrangements such as booking hotels for your group should be done before your arrival. Booking restaurants and sightseeing tickets can be done at a later stage.
Some of our clients come with thorough day to day planned itineraries but some choose to have more basic approach with just a general list of sights they want to see. Your driver will support you in any case to make the most of your holiday. He will make sure that you did not miss on any interesting sights and you are on time for your pre-booked sightseeing or restaurants.

On your arrival?
On your arrival, one of our experienced English speaking tour drivers will be waiting for you at the agreed place.

It can be either at the airport arrival hall or any place of your choice. Most common pick up place is Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport (LJU). But we can also pick you up at any location of your choice. The driver will be holding a sign board with your name so you can easily find him. We will also provide you his contact before the tour, should you have any problems. The driver will be there to support you for the rest of your tour. You can just relax and make the most of your time and have memorable European holiday. You can also count on our 24/7 support from our back office staff whilst on the tour.

Our Service area?
Our company operates nationwide in the country of Slovenia and its neighbors countries

In Slovenia besides the routes through Slovenia we are also offering international routes, if the starting or ending point is in Slovenia. This countries are in:
WESTERN EUROPE: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Liechtenstein, Switzerland
CENTRAL EUROPE: Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia

Other ways to contact us?
Beside Inqury you can write us on email or give us a call ...

Email:, Tel: +386 40 805 761, For additionaly qestions you can use 24/7 chat support


Hire a minibus private transfer in Slovenia. Besides a standard minibus rental with a driver for a full day or hourly rental we also offering a private transfers with special VIP minibuses to hire. This minibuses are luxuries with all comfort you can desire. They are meant for the transport of most demanding customers and very important persons. To see what kind of Minibuses for private transfer we offer please see our vehicle-fleet below.


Minibus VIP for private transfer, Mercedes Sprinter 8 seater luxurious.
Hire a minibus private transfer 8 seater Luxury
VIP transfer Minibus 8 seater Luxury
Minibus Mercedes Sprinter
Minibus Mercedes Sprinter luxury 8 seats for VIP private transport 
Class: Luxury | Tip: Minibus | Seats: 6 + 1 I want a luxury Minibus!
In addition to the standard option, we also offer a luxury vehicle, VIP Mercedes Sprinter, for private transfer. This luxurious Mercedes-Benz and our driver ensure that you travel in style for an extremely comfortable journey of 8 passengers. You simply need to try our service for your VIP transports.
VIP Luxury Minibus equipment includes:
  • free wifi in Slovenia
  • face to face
  • Video screen
  • High quality music system
  • conference tables
  • 2x fridge
  • ambient lighting
  • leather upholstery
  • adjustable seats for passengers
  • air conditioning
  • tinted all glass
  • electric doors
  • huge luggage spacer
  • microphone for guide
  • other .......
Hire Minibus 20 seater Mercedes Sprinter available for private and standard transfers
Hire Minibus 20 seater
Minibus rental Slovenia
Minibus rental Slovenia Mercedes Sprinter
Rent a Minibus for private transfers
Najem minibusa
VIP Minibus 20 seater, Mercedes - Benz Sprinter 519
Class: Luksuz | Type: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 519 | Seats:20 + 1 Hire VIP Minibus20 seater!
With these 20 + 1-seater VIP minibuses, we successfully cover VIP transport for 20 passengers plus with an additional driver. We have added our new acquisition of the Mercedes - Benz Sprinter 519 minibus to our fleet, which we are proud to present to you in addition to the basic version.
VIP Luxury Minibus equipment includes:
  • television
  • DDV-USB radio system
  • adjustable seats for passengers
  • air conditioning
  • tinted all glass
  • electric doors
  • huge luggage spacer
  • microphone for guide
  • other .......
Hire VAN Minibus 7 seater with driver, available for charters and standard transfers
Hire a van minibus vito with driver
Rent a Minibus with driver slovenia
Hire a Van with driver slovenia
minibus taxi
Rent a minivan coach for tours
Van minibus up to 7 passengers, Mercedes - Vito
Class: Luxury | Type: Mercedes-Benz Vito | Seats: 7 + 1 I want a luxury Vito!
Transports for maximum comfort with a luxury Vito van. When you want to pamper yourself with close friends, this is the right vehicle for you.
VIP van equipment includes:
  • USB sockets
  • USB radio system
  • adjustable seats for passengers
  • air conditioning
  • tinted all glass
  • huge luggage space
  • rest .......

When to rent and hire minibus?

Demand for minibus rental especially 16 seater and 8 Seater minibuses is the highest in April, July, August and September. For tours starting in peak season, we recommend booking the bus at least 3 – 4 months in advance to ensure availability.
In less busy period, booking 1 month in advance is usually fine.

We recommend our 8 seater touring passenger minivans for groups up to 6 persons. This is to ensure sufficient travel and luggage space. Groups of 7 plus persons can choose one of our standard minibuses or choose the ultimate touring minibus, Mercedes Sprinter.
Mercedes Sprinters are recommended for groups up to 14 – 16 persons large. In specific cases, they can accommodate groups up to 19 persons but space for passengers would be limited. A trailer would also be necessary to accommodate the luggage.

No matter how many passengers there is we will always find a way to bring you safely to your chosen destination.
If you would like to book a transfer or if you would like to hire a driver with a vehicle for a bigger group or a bus coach read more about here Bus Rental Slovenia . Also don’t hesitate send us Inquiry. We will be happy to answer with reasonable quote and excellent service.

Rewiews for minibus service

Miran Kovač
Verified statement
Rent a minibus with driver

Rating: 5/5
Booked minibus arrived precisely at the time agreed even there was the case of congestion on the highway on the way to us. The driver is respecting all our wishes and was extremely professional. We have positive experience with this company and their service.

Gorazd Mislej
Verified statement
I recommend Minibus rental for tour

Rating 5/5
Their minibuses and vehicles are new, always clean and well equipped. As a tourist guide I need a good microphone and high quality sound system, this is self-evident with this agency. The TuamV taxi service is a level above their's competitors. I recommend.

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Price list for minibus rental

The price list for minibus rental is just a informative nature, the prices not reflect the real situation. The cost of the hire of bus with a driver is influenced by many variables. It depends on the season of the year, where the tour starts/ends, empty run kilometres and road tolls. In some European cities, entry fees for buses are applicable.
Therefore, we calculate the cost for each tour individually to give you the most accurate price. Please send us an inquiry to get a quote.

For the price of a minibus tour or trip please send inquiry!

During the main season (April, May, June, September, October) the prices for a minibus with a driver increase by 10%.

Minibus Standard up to 20 passengers
  • Price from 185 EUR / day (* the price does not include tolls, parking fees and other items, depending on your program)
Minibus VIP for private transfers up to 20 passengers
  • Price from 259 EUR / day (* the price does not include tolls, parking fees and other items, depending on your program)
Minibus Luxury VIP for private transfers Up to 8 passengers
  • Price from 620 EUR / day
Price include:
  • Driver up to max. 14 hours / day (for additional driver or additional hours enter in the inquiry form)
  • It is also possible to rent a minibus for an hour from 3 to 14 hours
  • The price includes up to 200 km / day
  • Value include Tax (VAT)
Price not include:
  • additional costs depending on your program or route (tolls, parking fees, ferries, bus taxes ...)

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