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What does our bus offer include?
  •  Large tourist bus Top Class up to 45 + 1 seats.
  •  Medium-sized tourist bus up to 35 seats.
  •  Smaller buses up to 20 seats.
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Offer of buses with driver for rent

We offer you an unforgettable travel experience for an affordable price with our quality buses with a driver. Choose from our buses for transporting up to 20 people, 35 people and 54 people, all of them are touristic and provide a great travel experience. The selected buses are equipped with all the necessary functions and are in excellent condition, so you can indulge in comfort and safety during your trip without any worries.

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Class: Standard Type: Bus no. seats: 20 - 54

Large Top Class tourist buses

  • Scania Irizar, Setra, Mercedez, Volvo
  • 54 seats
  • VAT-USB radio system
  • GPS navigation
  • air conditioner
  • guide microphone
  • electric door
  • huge luggage space
  • additional cooler

Medium-sized tourist buses

  • Scania Irizar, Mercedes, Setra, Volvo, Toyota
  • 35 seats
  • refrigerator
  • VAT-USB radio system
  • GPS navigation
  • air conditioner
  • guide microphone
  • electric door
  • luggage area

Smaller Standard buses

  • Scania Irizar, Mercedes, Setra, Volvo, Toyota
  • 20 seats
  • refrigerator
  • VAT-USB radio system
  • GPS navigation
  • air conditioner
  • guide microphone
  • electric door
  • smaller luggage compartment
Najem Avtobusa Scania Irizar
Najem Avtobusa za prevoz
Avtobus prevoz
Notranjost avtobusa za prevoz, Scania Irizar

Bus Scania Irizar - 54 seats

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Class: Travelers Type: Bus No. seats: 54 + 1 Brand: Scania Irizar

With this 54 + 1 seater bus, we successfully cover transportation for 54 passengers plus two additional drivers.

This Scania Irizar Bus is ideal for exclusive tours and transport, as it is a premium bus built by the Spanish company Irizar in collaboration with the Swedish brand Scania. It is known for its luxurious interior and comfortable seating arrangements. Designed for long journeys, this bus is equipped with modern features such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi and multimedia entertainment systems. It also provides a high level of safety with features such as anti-lock brakes, stability system and airbags. The Scania Irizar bus will provide you with an exceptional travel experience that will suit both passengers and drivers.

Price list for renting a bus

 The price list is informative, due to uncertain market conditions, prices may not reflect the real situation. We agree on the exact price with the customer before the transport is carried out. Please send us an inquiry for a price tailored to your requirements.

For the current realistic price of a daily or multi-day trip, please submit an inquiry
During the main season (April, May, June, September, October), the indicated prices for a minibus with a driver are increased by 15%.

Bus for up to 35 people from 250 EUR / day
Bus for up to 50 people from 450 EUR / day
Driver up to max. 14 hours/day (for an additional driver or additional hours, write in the inquiry form)
Possibility of hourly minibus rental from 3 - 14 hours
The price includes up to 200 km / day
Value Added Tax (VAT)
the prices above do not include tolls, parking fees, ferries, bus fees and other items depending on your program