Taxi Metal Days

Taxi for Tolmin in Slovenia and taxi to Metal Days festival.

Tolmin is a town really worth seeing. This beautiful small town with a surrounding of natural wonders is in summer one of the most visited places in Slovenia. Taxi company TuamV will take you to Tolmin for a small price.


How to book a Tolmin taxi

To order a taxi transport for Tolmin on our TuamV website visit a page Book taxi It will take you only a few minutes to make a reservation. If you need help or cannot find what you are looking for, read more about booking in our FAQ or call us at + 386 40 805 761.

Good to know, about Taxi reservation for Tolmin

What are most common places in Tolmin for taxi to drop off a person?

In Tolmin we usually drop off a person at the address which he provides. There is sometime a problem when people visit one of many festivals in Tolmin. One of well known festivals in Tolmin is definitely Metal Days former ( Metal Camp ) The problem occurs because festival visitors usually don't provide an exact address for a taxi's drop off location and prefer to use more general location Tolmin. There is a few well known places to choose in that case: Hotel Krn or a Bus station. Hotel Krn and Bus station.

Price for taxi

The price for Tolmin taxi variates and depends on a season and on a type of car. But in average is somewhere between 1 € to 1.5 € per kilometre. For the current price please go to Book a taxi where you can type your pick up address and the system will calculate the price for you.

Tolmin taxi destinations

TuamV taxi usually provides taxi service in Tolmin for these destination:

From the nearest airports to Tolmin Slovenia

From Trieste Airport to Tolmin

From Ljubljana Airport to Tolmin

Travel from Trieste to Tolmin

  • If you travel from Trieste to Tolmin you can take a taxi. Price for these trip with agency TuamV taxi will be around 100 €. For this distance you will need approximately 1h and 30 minutes.


TuamV agency is not in any way affiliated with official MetalDays organisation.

Like every few years, also now well be in town Tolmin a heaven for metal fans. Festival Metaldays, before known as Metal camp will take place one day 2018 find date on theirs officialy page:MetalDays . In these days people can see various stage performance from groups like : Sakson, Cannibal Corpse , Dream Theater and many others. Like always people need good and reliable transport with taxi from ther pick up point to stage.

Taxi to Metal Days festival price

Cab price is 20 € up for person. You can order a taxi Metal Days from Trieste to Tolmin for price: 100 € and less if you use our special discount, these will be available till : - For order your taxi to Metal Days go to book taxi.

Metal days taxi destinations

Our agency offer taxi or cab for Metal days Festival from:

From Trieste airport to Metal days festival

  • Airport Trieste (Ronchi) to Tolmin

Venice and Treviso airport taxi to Metal days festival

  • from Venice Airport and taxi from Treviso Airport

Airport Ljubljana to Metal camp or Metaldays festival in Tolmin

  • Airport Ljubljana to Metaldays

Data for city of Tolmin

Tolmin via Wikimedia, by Damjan Leban CC BY-SA 4.0
    Adress for Tolmin
  • Postcode: 5220 Tolmin
  • Municipality: Tolmin
  • Statistical region: Goriška
  • Traditional region: Slovenian Littoral
  • Country: Slovenia
  • 1.7 km2 (0.7 sq mi)
    Contact for Tolmin City hall:
  • Phone number: +386 05 381 95 00
  • Website: