Slovenian wines winter selection


Slovenian wines for winter and autumn

With the beautiful season of winter coming up it's no surprise for you to want a hearty wines, that will warm your inside and will go well along with the rich winter dishes. The Slovenian wines you choose to consume during the winter can be big, bold, and spicy reds. Also a creamy, toasty full-bodied whites, warming fortified wines, sweet dessert wines or lush celebratory sparkling wines. Whatever your taste is, we got you covered by presenting the 6 best Slovenian wines we chose for winter time.

To recommend which Slovenian wines to buy for autumn and winter we are focused on heartier reds, though we’re also including some celebratory sparkling bottles that should fit in perfectly with your holiday celebrations.

Here is our list of best 6 classy wines to drink this winter:


Ferjančič merlotRed more.. | Buy


Champion 2020 of Slovenia Wines ( dry up to 3 years)

The right amount of sun and two years of care in oak barrels give birth to an exceptional merlot.

The wine is an intense garnet red color with ruby hues.

This wine with go along with the perfect food for winter: Venison, barbecue, steak and other red meat.

It will give you all strength you need for cold days.

Alcohol: 14%

BODY: Full-bodied | STYLE: Calm | TASTE: Dry, soft, full taste




Krapež barberaRed more.. | Buy


The wine is garnet red in color and dense. The aroma is intense, very fine and rich.

We can smell overripe red fruits and berries (cherries, blackberries, blueberries, prunes, dried figs, raisins, jam).

Is perfect for food as, red meats (roasted, grilled), dried meats, mature and spicy cheeses.

Alcohol: 13%

BODY: Medium-bodied | STYLE: Calm | TASTE: Dry, warm and soft, fairly fresh 




Shop Istenič No.1 Sparkling wineRed more.. | Buy


After two strong taste red wines, we decided to recommended something to start with. A very dry, beautifully crisp wine with notes of lemon zest, poached pear, toasty notes.

A fine aperitif or match it with smoked fish starters. Also a well-aged No. 1 goes well with any main course. Serve at 6°C

The name alone reveals that it is a very complex, well-aged wine, the finest

Alcohol: 12.50%

BODY: Light-bodied | STYLE: Sparkling | TASTE: Very dry taste. 




Shop Povh rebula orange wineRed more.. | Buy


Best selling wine in our shop

The taste of the wine is something special, because unlike ordinary (unmacerated) rebula, orange wine uses the process of longer (14 days) temperature-controlled maceration. Could be described as a very demanding, complex wine with a characteristic very intense aroma of figs, and as it matures in acacia barrels it develops a very nice aroma of dried fruit and spices.

That was recognised also buy Netflix show an made this wine most famous wine in our collection

This wine with go along with winther food: Red meat and hard cheese 

Alcohol: 13%

BODY: Medium-bodied | STYLE: Calm | TASTE: Bitter but fresh




Petrič Zelen wineRed more.. | Buy


The wine has a full and noble body and the right amount of freshness and softness.

We select this wine for winter recommendation from Petrič, because of his compatibility with most dishes you will use for christmas time.

Zelen complements dishes such as blue fish, tuna, eel, carp, catfish, turkey, pork and veal. Serve at 10 ° C

Alcohol: 12.5%

BODY: Medium-bodied | STYLE: Calm | TASTE: Sweet-sour




Shop Kabaj Pinot GrisRed more.. | Buy


Hey wait pinot gris is't realy wine for winter I say to my colleague. Who will eat vegetable and salad at winter time?

Truth to be told, many people eat light food even at cold weather so is always good for us to have something for them to recommend. 

This elegant dry white wine is famous for its drinkability and fruity freshness. Seriously, this wine goes with just about everything, all the time, including with nothing, which is sometimes a fine option, too.

We preserve last spot for this wine because of backyard BBQ, food pairing. But if we rank this wine for quality it will climb our ladder all the way to the top.

Just look Vivino reviews, more than 600 and average 4 stars is dam good statement for any wine that exist.

If you the one who like even in winter time a seafood, pork, roasted vegetables, an order of fries, asparagus, a bagel with cream cheese and lox, lemon chicken, clams casino, sauerbraten, hot & sour soup and more and more, then this wine is for you.

Alcohol: 14%

BODY: Medium-bodied | STYLE: Calm | TASTE: Honey, caramel.




We selected these wines as top 6 because these fit the criteria for price and also the taste. Hope you will think the same as we do. We wish you a great winter time ahead, lots of heartwarming wine and love too!