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Your account settings

For your store account settings, visit the tab Store Account .

How to track your orders

1. To track your orders, visit the tab with your order list .

2. The following information about your order will be displayed there:

  • Order number
  • Order Date
  • Last Change
  • Order Status
  • Order value

3. To track your orders, you are mainly interested in Order Status:
  • Status: ORDERED
    Your order is still in the queue waiting for review.
  • Status: CONFIRMED
    The order has been accepted and paid for and the invoice has been sent to you via e-mail.
  • Status: SENT
    The order has been shipped to your address and is closed with this status.
  • Status: COMPLETED
    This status refers to digital (NOT psychic) orders such as gift certificates, subscriptions, etc.. and indicates a successfully executed and paid digital order.
  • Status: REJECTED
    Your order has not been accepted
  • Status: CANCELED
    The order has been canceled by the customer (you)